One of the main goals that a student is supposed to have while still in college is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This should be a focal point of any student`s attention because there are myriads of factors that work against them remaining healthy. The biggest culprit in this scenario is bad food habits in collaboration with the tightly packed schedules that students often have to face on a daily basis. The latter factor is responsible for students lacking the time and desire that is needed to drive them to have some gym sessions. Unlimited access to food together with limited time tends to brew an immensely unhealthy broth for students.

This article below is meant to help any student who might be in a similar situation and would want a way out of these woods. We will give you six efficient and workable tips that are certain of helping you to throw all your worries of being unhealthy while still in college out of the window.Healthy lifestyle is very important in one’s life.

Try to Work Out In Between Classes

In a student’s schedule, it is completely normal to have days that are packed with studies and hardly any time for extracurricular activities. However, if you could manage to find some classes that have around two hours between them, this would be a great time to slot in your workout session. The workouts may range from hitting the gym to just taking a long stroll around the campus, as long as it is something that entails physical activity out of your normal schedule.

Such activities will not only ensure that you are fit, but they will also see to it that your stress levels have been reduced significantly. This is achieved by mainly giving you that break you so needed from the harsh demands that school can have from you, and also from the daily toils of life generally. In addition to the above, such workout sessions also give your mind some allowance to reset while providing you with all the energy you will require to conquer the remaining part of your day.

Always Have a Fruit or Vegetable In All Your Meals

By the simple act of including healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits in your diet, you are bound to have a better health status than if you didn’t inculcate such a habit. Adding a banana or an apple to what you take for breakfast, some carrots to what you have for lunch and cucumbers to what you do for dinner is all it takes to give you a major boost to your health. A different option that you could pursue is bringing vegetables or fruits to your classes to act as snacks instead of the junk food that you might have in your hostel. It will help give you the energy to see you through your lectures and more importantly, you can have as much as you would like without your conscience giving you a trip down the guilty road.

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Ensure That You Get Involved In Some of The Activities That Take Place In The Recreational Center

For some people, going to the gym may come off as boring and totally repel them from the idea of a physical workout. Such opinions and feelings are okay to have, but they should not affect your resolve to work out. This is because the gym is not the only place where you can effectively exercise your body, there are other avenues and recreational centers.

You should make sure that you have found out some of the activities that your college’s recreational center offers and you have tried at least one of them out. These activities could entail dance classes, yoga classes, swimming, rock climbing and intramural sports among many others. They will serve as a fun way to find a new hobby while working out and also enable you to meet different and new people.

Search for Workout Videos On YouTube

The internet is fast turning out to be the most reliable source of decrypting most of the questions we might have and also in explaining how different tasks can be successfully accomplished. YouTube is one of such sites in the web and its explanations entail the use of videos. Having said all these, it is important that you know how to maneuver your way around YouTube to find the many works out videos that it has to offer. The options it has are endless with boxing, dancing, and yoga being but just a few of them.

A point that you should take note of is that YouTube gives you space to be quite specific in what you want to search for. In the event that you want to have workouts for your back, all you need to do is to search for something that reads as follows, “Yoga exercises for the back.” In case you have limited time for working out, you could search for something like, “15-minute workouts.” In a nutshell, it is an excellent source of different workout techniques that you could incorporate to lead a healthier life as a student.

Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

With the tightly packed schedule that students have, it would not be strange to find students shunning away the idea of getting a good night’s sleep of at least seven hours, but it could be all that’s needed to make the difference in their health. You should plan your day in a manner that you end up having more time for yourself in the evening to relax and get enough preparations for a seven-hour or more nap.

It is indeed challenging to ignore the temptation of joining your college-mates in late night engagements such as video games or clubbing, but again, there is no victory without great sacrifice. Prioritize your sleeping hours at least during the weekdays and it will assure you of waking up an alert, refreshed and prepared to achieve more in the course of the day. The importance of adequate sleep to a student can simply not be emphasized enough!

Make a Routine

For you to maintain high levels of a healthy lifestyle, making it a routine is one of the best ways to achieve this. If you have chosen to walk the path of a healthy lifestyle, you should try and give it all your best so that it does not feel like an obligation to you. If you are able to channel your inner willpower to maintain a healthy lifestyle, then you will automatically find yourself disciplined in your resolution.

Once you have this self-discipline, it becomes easier to create a routine out of your workout plans. All you need to do is map a plan of what you would want to achieve at the end of every day and be true to that plan for a month or two. By the time this time period has elapsed, your workout plans will have already been registered in your subconscious as a routine. This will give you the advantage of working out on a daily basis out of necessity rather than making it feel like you’re doing part of your daily chores. This routine could even end up spilling forward to your life after college and becomes part of the things you do after turning 30.


It is indeed quite the task for a student to balance time between doing exams and assignments, as well as finding a social life and still get time to find their way into healthy lifestyles. However, having poor health is detrimental to all the aspects of a student`s life and therefore they should take all the necessary steps towards living a healthier life.

This article above has expounded on six of the best ways in which a student can live a healthy lifestyle in tandem with their academic and social life in college. We hope that the article has been of much help to you. Which of the tips above have compelled you into trying it out?