If you’re living a busy lifestyle and don’t have enough time and motivation to clean your home regularly, maybe you should consider redecorating it in a minimalistic manner. Get rid of everything that is not essential for your everyday life and introduce some new items in your home.

If your goal is to reduce stress and live healthier, you should start from remodeling your living space. Your environment affects your wellbeing and you should give your best to change it as soon as you can. Going minimalistic may cost you some money, but it will repay in the long run. Follow the steps provided below if you decide to redesign your home and give it a fresh face.

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Decluttering is essential

You shouldn’t be doing anything else before you thoroughly clean your house. Pick up a big black bag and start filling it with unnecessary papers, magazines, and outdated mail. There’s a great chance you’re living in a cluttered space without being aware of it. Clutter is like a disease, it is spreading slowly and hits hard. Stop this unhealthy habit and start cleaning all surfaces.

Decluttering is essential 1

A lot of stuff accumulated over the years and there’s a great chance you don’t need almost half of them. Think twice what should be kept since you decided to go minimal, and the real minimalist doesn’t have a lot of stuff. Of course, it is important to repeat this effort once in every few months so you can be sure that clutter won’t take over your home ever again.

Work on a neutral base

The most important requirement you’ll need to fulfill if you want to achieve the appealing minimalistic look is creating a neutral base. Why is this so important? Because it is fresh, clean and open, and it has a calming effect. Don’t worry, you don’t need to use just the white color, but it’s recommended.

If you want to enhance white interior, go ahead and play with some yellow undertones which will provide you with creamier and warmer appeal. If you’re aiming toward the fresh and crisp interior, you should go with blue undertones. The last thing you should do to complete the base and bring warmth is to let a lot of natural light in.

Work on a neutral base Collage 1

The less is more

This saying doesn’t go for your expenses since items that fit minimalistic requirements can get pricey. It is about quality over quantity when it comes to decorating. Consider every item carefully before you bring it to your living space. Always keep in mind that you’re creating space where everybody would love to hang out. Because of that, feel free to invest in high-quality items which will serve you for many years. Try to avoid impulsive purchases of something trendy since those can tire off very fast.

The less is more 1

Stick to ,one in, one-out“ philosophy

You probably remember the day when you arrived at your current home. All kitchen cupboards, drawers, and closets were empty and spacious. Years went by and everything changed. You can’t even find what you really need because of the clutter. There are so many non-essential items around your house, and their only purpose is to collect dust.

Stop hesitating and free your headspace with cleaning drawers and closets. During your initial cleaning, go and get rid of everything you don’t need by donating it to charity or selling it at a yard sale. At the end, if you have some valuable stuff among all that clutter, you may contact a few storage companies and get informed about their decluttering solutions.

Stick to „one in, one-out“ philosophy 1

Once you’re done, you can start living by „one-in, one-out“ philosophy and bring the new item just after you tossed another one. That way you’ll protect your space from future clutter, and keep your home open, fresh and clean. Of course, think about the size. You can’t throw out a pen and bring in the bed.

Utilize textures

Modern minimalistic design with neutral tones may look cold and boring. Of course, there is a simple solution for this issue which works like charm. Yes, warm up your rooms with some texture in similar tones. You may use beaded pillows, sheepskin rugs, velvet decor or knitted throws. Of course, keep it simple and your home will start to look more comfortable and inviting. So, if your base is mainly white, you should go with dove-gray, tan or beige tones. Try to think about nature. Don’t use color combinations that can’t be found in the natural environment.

Utilize textures 1

Once you’ve decluttered, set the base and took care of unnecessary stuff, you are one big step closer to contemporary minimalistic heaven. Stick with the new habits and your home will stay fresh and attractive for so many years. Buy only high-quality pieces since those will pass the test of time and will look even better in the future. Go ahead, start planning and don’t forget to stay within budget.