When you marry a partner, you will likely inherit a Mother-in-Law (MIL). For most people this means a wonderful and new extension to your family; someone new to rely on and someone who provides support and will be your cheerleader. There are however some MILs that don’t fall into that category and cause conflict and friction between you and your partner. It’s important to try to understand why they are acting in that way – perhaps they feel threatened and isolated and are concerned that they are in the midst of losing their offspring to someone new.

Take time to try to get to know your new MIL and who knows, that alone could improve the situation. The people over at Loyes Diamonds have put together this infographic below which examines further the whole area of MILs and why they might be acting in an obtuse manner. It also suggests some ways to try to improve the situation. Check out the full graphic below!