Written by Jane Blanchard

There’s nothing worse than being wide-awake, tummy grumbling, and bored out of your wits in someone else’s home. You’ve had it. You’re going to risk the walk from the guest bedroom to the kitchen for a snack, and then to the study to grab a couple books.

Despite your stealth, your host heard the creaks, and you’re apologizing profusely for being caught in your underwear. Since comfort goes far beyond just fluffy pillows and plush bedding, here’s some essentials to make sure you create the perfect guest bedroom.



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Essential #1: Stimulating Material

A little more visual stimulation than wall decor would be more than welcome. Magazines, books, and photo albums are great accompaniments to the guest bedroom. One a side note: If you can manage it, a guest bedroom door gives your guests ease of access at their leisure. That would definitely give you the host of the year award!



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Essential #2: Seating Comfort

This essential comes in two parts: a seating area if you have the space, and if not, offset it with lots of fluffy pillows. There’s not always room for a proper reading chair, so pillows can serve to provide some back support while your guests read in bed.


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Essential #3: Extra Blankets

Every one of us can recall a cold night, but felt too embarrassed to say anything or bother our host. Don’t give your guests the opportunity to fall into that situation. By the way, we love this Winter inspiration bedding! So cozy!


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Essential #4: A Tray

The symbol of hospitality at its best. To avoid awkward situations, use the tray to serve pitchers of water, snacks, and other knick-knacks you know your guests would appreciate. Fact: Your guests will feel luxuriously pampered.


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Essential #5: Extra Toiletries

Always a great idea to have on hand. The extra towels, loofahs and shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste, will go a long way for guests of all kinds… Like perhaps, the guests that drank a few too many glasses of wine with dinner?


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Essential #6: Soundproof It

We know you’ve been the guest who has conversed in whispers behind what’s supposed to be the comfort of your bedroom door. You can hear the kids horsing around in the room beside you, and the nose-blowing in the bathroom in the hall. Inexpensive and simple ideas could be purchasing a soundproof door bottom, thick area rugs, and sound-control curtains.


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Essential #7: Scented Candles

Although we’ve covered most of the senses already, smell is just as important. The candles emit wonderful aromas, provide an aromatherapy effect, and it will be that attractive final touch to your perfect guest bedroom.

You’ll soon be known as the best host in the city. Warning: your guests might never leave!

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