Image is important in many career paths and even if you don’t need to sell anything face to face or maintain a smart appearance, it’s worth making an effort with your appearance. If you look good, the likelihood is that you’ll also feel good. Here are seven lessons on how to look stylish at work:

Dress for the Occasion

While flip-flops and polo shirts may be acceptable in some work arenas, for the most part we are expected to dress smartly and it’s often the case that you tailor your outfit to suit your daily itinerary.

If you’ve got an important meeting, are doing a presentation or have an interview or appraisal, it’s essential to look the part. Plan ahead and select items that portray the message that you mean business. A suit is a classic staple and you can never go wrong with a style that fits well. Team it with a smart, crisp shirt, a tie and smart shoes and you won’t fail to impress.

Ladies always look smart in a skirt or trouser suit, or a business dress teamed with court shoes and statement jewellery.

Embrace Individuality

Fashion is increasingly creative and there are lots of different takes on a traditional, timeless outfit you can introduce to liven up your work wardrobe. Even adding the slightest hint of colour or pattern can make a massive difference to the overall aesthetic without veering away from a smart look.

Try adding splashes of colour with jewellery, ties and pocket squares, choosing different materials and prints and adding unique and quirky touches to give your outfit a personal touch.

Think about Outerwear

If you’re getting an outfit ready for the next day, you’re probably likely to focus on the dress or shirt and trousers, but outerwear can really add to your look. We live with unpredictable weather conditions, so investing in a couple of coats is always a good idea.

A warm, thick tweed or wool coat is ideal for the winter months, while a sophisticated mac is great for warmer spring months when showers are commonplace.

Invest in a tailored Suit

There are times when nothing fits the bill like a classic, tailored suit like those by Jasper Littman, and it’s really worth paying a bit extra to ensure the best quality and a fit that cannot be achieved by an off the rail style. Tailored suits are made to measure and you can choose from myriad styles, colours and materials.

While you probably won’t wear a suit every day, you’ll have it ready to call upon when an interview or an important meeting or pitch arises.


Change up your look for the Season

In the UK, we’re lucky to have defined seasons and this is really great news for fashion enthusiasts. From wool, tweed and checks in the winter to light linens and bold, bright colours in the summer, you can have it all. Don’t be afraid to embrace the season’s key trends and adapt them to suit your work wardrobe.

Bag it up

An on-trend bag is the perfect way to round off a great outfit, as well as being handy for carrying phones, laptops, tablets and files around. There are lots of different styles, from traditional sturdy briefcases to messenger bags, designer handbags and trendy leather satchels.

Shine those Shoes

You can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear, and your footwear choice for work can be both smart and personalised. For men, leather shoes are a brilliant investment for work attire, and Brogues are one of the hottest work shoe trends on the market at the moment.

Women should wear court shoes or low heels that look smart but don’t hurt your feet after a long day in the office!