The trouble begins when it starts to rain. For a simple reason that one doesn’t want to get wet and also one doesn’t want to dress too warm. Umbrella and rain boots are a must have when stepping out on a rainy day. These must haves serve the purpose of protecting as well as acting like an accessory to give stylish looks. Rainy days are glorious yet at the same time it can turn out to be an outfit ruiner for fashionistas. No one wants to cover up with raincoat so there is always a loss attached with this day regarding what to wear.

No need to panic, dress up, prep up (tips below):

  • Go for something bright. Add more colors to your wardrobe. It can undo the depressing weather
  • An umbrella is a must have. Now a day’s one can also buy umbrellas in different design and colors. Go for lively shades. Add to your collection a couple of umbrellas.
  • A long water proof coat can be worn over the dress. It will look perfect.
  • Prefer water proof slippers, watch, and bag. Try to protect your belongings from getting drenched in rain.
  • Rain boots would complete the look. Have fun wearing them and enjoy the weather in a crazy yet safe way!

Here are some of the great ideas to look upon and to have a comfortable rainy day out:

  1. Footwear : boots , waterproof bellies , sturdy shoes
  2. Dresses : oversized cargo jacket , leather jacket
  3. Accessories : beanies ( keep head warm) , fedora (royal look) , water proof handbag , scarves

Well when it is cold rainy day, an easy way to dress up is to just go for jacket, sweater, scarf, jeans/jeggings and boots and hence done. In summers rain boots can be paired with shorts, tee and short jacket. Long coat with jeans and bright boots can give a classy look. Denim jackets can be worn with shorts and motorcycle boots.


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Along with this right hair care and cosmetics can complement the look for rainy day.

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