Today’s fashion is mostly promoted and designed for young ladies and their frame. This fact is also an advantage and a curse. The good side is that it provides female youth with an abundance of models, cuts and colors. The downside is that it offers an awful lot. It may produce a confusing and hindering effect to the creation of their original style that’s also appropriate and becoming their age.

Young lady’s attire should be a balance of these three, classic models that always work, casual clothes for private situations and professional items to enhance the impression of your business persona.

Timeless imperatives

There’s no exact formula for success when achieving elegance is in question. There are, however, some guidelines every young adult can follow to maintain the air of effortless sophistication: a) Keep your hygiene at the highest level, wear freshly washed and ironed clothes and don’t abuse the perfume, b) Sport minimalistic and simple makeup and coiffure that work for your face and hair, c) Seek quality over quantity when picking out clothes – less is more.

I can’t go without the iconic little black dress Coco Chanel gifted to the world. The dress is amazing as it dresses up and down, you can minimize the accessories fordaytime and add heavier makeup and jewelry for an evening gala.

Evergreen style tends to favor unaggressive colors and monochrome combinations, or at least not more than three colors present. For example, a buttonless, pale gold classic cut jacket will be the star of every event you visit.

Informal garb

It is relatively easy to go chic for occasional happenings, but choosing clothes for the remaining majority of our time requires a lot more deliberation. Violet is my favorite hue, along with its numerous derivations and pink combos. Since radiant orchid was a tint of the year not so long ago, I will use it to showcase how color splash can contribute greatly to a fabulous outfit.

informal in violet

Here are some of my ideas to incorporate this dye in your everyday ensembles: a) Go bold with a modest, monochromatic violet dress, with minimal accessories in mute; b) Add it in details that will pop a bit, such as trendy bag, power necklace, unembellished heels or Essie’s Big spender nail polish.


So many young people are starting with their new job today. All of a sudden, you’re not sure what to wear anymore and what’s the safest options to go with. First of all, know your body and opt for fitting and decent clothes that is movement-proof. I have reviewed the selection available and ladies fashion from Forcast has provided me with neat ideas to start with. It is wise to pick quality materials to extend the lifespan of your pieces. Tops can include timeless-cut blouses and shirt in calmer tones, without heavy ornaments. Have your bottoms in neutral, without prints and 3D patches. Consider buying a full suit to serve you for many years to come.


Celebrate your first job or new position with a novel and wise additions to your wardrobe. Go for a walk in comfortable clothes that says you have style as well. And finally, steal the show with a unique and classy appearance, deserving of one-and-only Audrey Hepburn.