Every color doesn’t suit everyone. It is a fact. What may suit one may not suit the other. It depends on one’s skin tone, face cut, eye color and likewise. There are some colors that go in and out of the fashion. While on the other hand, there are some colors which suits always. Though these words seem simple, but it gets tough when actually buying a dress.

A perfect color is one which goes with your looks and enhance it. It’s really important to know what your perfect colors are, or you risk looking completely messed up!

Concern regarding color matters a lot when looking for hair color, dresses, accessories, footwear, handbags.

Things come in variety of shades. The choice is to be made among different kinds and shades of a particular object.

According to the skin tone:

  1. Fair complexion: girls having fair complexion would look sober in softer colors like white, blues, tangerine, raspberry etc. blues preferably ocean blues would look better.
  2. Darker skin tone: going in for bright color would lend attention. Colors that could be preferred are ruby red, green, electric orange etc.

According to hair color:

Hair colour does have an effect on choice of color. The way one choose color is dependent on one’s hair color as well. The following colors could be referred to for different tones:

  1. Medium golden blonde/medium brown: pink, beige, peach, green, orange, light pink
  2. Dark brown/brown-black: blue, red, maroon, dark green, purple, purple-gray
  3. Deep golden blonde/light golden brown: camel, bronze, stone, light orange, rust

  According to eye color:

  1. Blue/gray/green: preferable colors can be cocoa, powder pink, coral pink, violet.
  2. Gray-blue/hazel : raspberry, deep rose , lavender, dusty purple
  3. Black/dark brown/dark green: lemon yellow, true red, peach, evergreen.

After choosing the perfect color, women who are tall should go for dress style that would lend thin look and shouldn’t be complicated at the neck or waist. For those with normal height can opt for a middle waist dress which goes well with the body shape. It will make one look taller and yet slim…  Go Get Yourself Ready In Your Favorite Hues …..!!!

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