Most men face the anxiety of aging. However, this situation is very similar to the half filled and half empty glass. It actually depends on the prospect of the person. You can either see the positive aspect and view the glass as half-filled or you can consider it half-empty. Instead of considering this phase of life as an end to the youth 20s, you can take it as a final countdown to your fabulous 40s. Let your choices reflect your hopes and not your fear.

Very rightly quoted by Md. Ali, ”Don’t count the days, make the days count”. It is absolutely your choice, you can either sit back reflecting on the past or you can manfully build the future. Waving goodbye to your twenties is tough, but it is important to embrace your thirties wholeheartedly. Are you turning 30 this year? Well, here are certain things that you need to start doing in order to keep yourself going. Equip yourself with these tips and stay young forever.

Tip 1: Learn from the past


The difference between a man in 20s and a man in 30s is wisdom. Making mistake is a not wrong. In fact, it’s a good thing, but not learning from the mistakes is what you should avoid. Stand in front of your past and let it be. However, don’t forget to learn from the experience of the past. Men are a bit reluctant in taking things seriously. But the sooner, the better. Start taking things more positively and seriously.

Tip 2: Develop healthy habits



The college days are long gone. It is high time that you stop taking your body for granted. Develop healthy habits and take good care of your health. Don’t just hit the gym to develop a six pack ab, in order to, impress a girl. Make it your daily regime. Along with this, take care of your eating habits. Ditch the intake of junk food and stick to healthier options. You may not like it, having green vegetables and fruits is important to maintain a chiseled physique.

Tip 3: Do not take your family for granted

Enough of hanging out with friends, this is the phase of life when you need to give due importance to your family. Instead of planning all the holidays with your friend, plan out something with your partner, parents and close relatives at least once or twice in a year. Christmas, Thanksgiving and other such holidays should be kept in reserve for your near and dear ones.

Tip 4: Define your goals


Everyone goes through the time when they are confused about what they want to do and what they aspire to achieve. The early 20s is the time when you explore your abilities and get a hands on everything that you want to do. The ups and downs of this phase of your life provide you the hint of your ability. It is now time for you to figure out your definition of success. You may be planning to start your own business or pen down the experience of your life in the form of a novel. It is important to have a clarity of your goal, so that, you can drive your career accordingly.

Tip 5: Manage your finances


People do say that woman are not good at mathematics, but men are even worse in accounts. The one thing that they just can’t keep track of is their finances. This is one of the inevitable aspects of your growing up phase. By this age, you must have achieved a financially secure position or at least realized your career path. It is now time for you to learn the skill to manage your finances. Stop depending on your parents by the end of the month. It is high time that you start preparing for your future plans with investments and sorting out your savings.

Tip 6: Get serious about your relationship


Taking your love life seriously is the next thing that you need to start doing. Men do fear to commit in a relationship. So, coming to a decision instantly is practically not possible. However, you can at least you can start making up your mind for the future. See if the girl you are currently dating is a perfect soul mate or you need to move on. You just can’t escape from responsibilities, so, it’ll be better if your start practicing it as early as possible.

Tip 7: Dress like a gentleman

Dressing like a style icon, doesn’t mean that you have to go over the board. Your attire should not shout out loud for attention. Even the rugged jeans and t-shirts can be used to don a casually smart look if paired with elegance. Something like the elegant, yet stylish Ralph Lauren polo t-shirts can give you the much-desired style with ample sophistication even for the casual events. Dressing like a gentleman doesn’t mean that you’ve to be in your tuxedo all the time. Just choose the right set of ensemble and keep everything subtle and simple. Ditch the funk style and some sophistication in your personality with the right set of accessories.

Tip 8: Groom yourself


Grooming is one aspect that man generally don’t care for. So, get rid of your easy-going nature and take self grooming seriously. There is nothing wrong and less manly about taking care of your skin. You can even use anti-aging cream if you feel like. Facial skin is the most affected organ of the body. Wash your face at least twice a day. Use a good quality aftershave lotion. The shaving cream, lotion and other skin products that you’re using should be according to the texture of your skin. See if you have a dry or oily skin and get the products accordingly.

Tip 9: Take up your hobby again


Everyone has a hobby that he had to give for career and stuff like that. Now that you’re at a position where you can afford to distract yourself a bit, you should take up your career again. Whether you had a passion for music or sports, this is the best time to channel your hobbies yet again. Learn the skill of time management and keeps a balance between your personal and professional life.

Tip 10: Give yourself some time and relax

You’ve had your share of hardship, struggles and failures. It is now time for your to relax a bit. The career of most men comes on the right track by this age. So, you can now sit back and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Take regular trips to new places with your partner, family or friends. Despite the fact that responsibilities increase with age, there is nothing wrong in spending some ‘me’ time. It is said that 20s is the phase to be spend with your friends, 40s is the age for family and kids while 30s is the time for you. So, pamper yourself and enjoy the thrilling 30.

Were these points helpful? Are you all set to welcome the new phase your life? Do share your views in the comment below.