Well, that requires to have some of the following items. Changing bag won’t be an issue, hence avoiding the fear of missing out anything. Check the bag, by referring to the list, which in a way will ensure you will not lose out on any necessary thing. Also being an organized leads to a happy life. Managing the things at a smaller level provides satisfaction at large.

Here is the list of MUST HAVES

Bobby pins, hair ties and hair comb:

Pins and hair ties help in handling the messy hair. Hair locks can be bundled with this. It should be there at any point of time

Band aid and any prescribed medicines (stock of at least 2 days):

If someone is bit timid and the chances of falling are high band aids can work. Also to heal any wound / cut, it will provide cover.

Also, medicines already prescribed by the doctor should be kept in a bag.

Chapstick or any lip balm :

Be it winter or summer season lips need to be protected. For this one must carry either any lip balm or chapstick. These also provide shine.


It may not be possible, wash hands anywhere and everywhere you go, but that doesn’t mean one must compromise on clean hygienic ways. In that case handy sanitizer would be appropriate.

 Minimum level of cash:

Though plastic cards are being used most often, but still minimum cash amount should be there. Cards may not be accessed at every place. In that case cash would be  the most suitable medium.

Pen and notepad:

These petty items won’t take much space but can be indeed very helpful  for taking down any important notes. Notepad or notebook must be handy.

Pepper’s spray:

Self protection medium for Women. Keeping a pepper way is must. You never know when you might need it. Risk shouldn’t be taken by not keeping it handy.

Safety pin:

Sounding like a petty item, but the most useful item. Anything can be pinned up and it can protect from the danger of facing the big damage.


Travelling for  long hours or missing out on any meal can one feel weak and in want for food. It can be compensated with snacks be it any snack bar or any biscuits or anything of your choice which can provide temporary relief. It is healthier and cheaper than eating out.

 ID card and any membership cards (if any):

Carrying an ID card is important. It may be required anytime for verification. Also, if one is having any membership card of any store or any library or any gym must carry those. Sometimes an unplanned visit can be there, so in that case it might help.

Reading glasses and sun-glasses:

Those whose vision is supported  by reading glasses must carry them and avoid the risk of further making your eyes more poor in vision. Also to avoid direct sunlight sunglass can be worn and yes it is yet another style statement.

 Sanitary napkin:

Women must keep one or two sanitary napkins. Vending machines providing these are less to be found in any mall or in any market place. So carrying these is must have.

Additional tip: Prefer having a colorful wallet as it can be easily spotted in the bag and chances of digging and digging more gets reduced.!!!!