Do you wear the same formal office outfit even for the weekends? Seriously what is wrong with you? You may ask the same to me. But I will explain you what actually is wrong. You cannot wear the same official outfits even on hangout days. It spoils the mood of the outing. It is not only the outfit that matters; it also has lots to do with the accessories that you help yourself with, your hairstyle and also your shoes. So how can you be stylish on your weekend outings? Here are some tips.

When you choose the clothes that you are going to wear, first make sure it fits you perfectly. You can always try them beforehand and check whether it is comfortable for you to wear the outfit which obviously will be noticed by the people out there in the public. If you are not comfortable with the dress just skip them; try some other styles. Because when you wear an outfit that is not comfortable, you will always be burdened with the fact that it may embarrass you.

Tees can be more comfortable and preferable to be worn on during the weekends because they bring on the quick smile on to your face. Tees represent fun. However it is not inappropriate to wear a casual shirt. You will certainly be wearing a shirt during the office days, so I just thought it would be boring for you when I suggest casual shirts over tees. It doesn’t matter either it is tees or a casual shirt. Just choose the ones that suit you.

This is the time to wear shorts. What more excuse do you need? You are on an outing dude. Nobody will question you and you can also be pretty comfortable in them. Try the denim jeans as an alternative. Jeans always go well with every occasion. Now for the shoes, pick out a sneaker or a floater. Formal shoes will never go along with the casual attire.

Wash your hair with a conditioner and gel your hair accordingly. Keep them a little frizzy but not too much. Pick out the right shades that suit your face. It can either be a aviator or a wayfarer. Also choose the color that matches your outfit. Wear a funky watch. You can choose the color of the watch opposite to your color of your outfit. Colors that contrast are a trend. The same goes with shoes too. Additionally you can have a bag across your shoulder. Bags are not only for women; not anymore. Times changing and you gotta keep yourself along with the trendy world.

Finally take the wallet with you and of course loaded with cash. Hope you will enjoy your weekend more in a stylish way.


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