There are a number of tips when talking about men’s fashion, here are 22 of the best ones. Firstly, in my opinion one of the most important tips is to be yourself and not care what other people don’t like what your wearing. Next men should never use wire hangers, the only use for them are for breaking into cars. Men should never use a golf umbrella, except if you are actually playing golf. Now here are two tips about rings, if a man is wearing a class ring do not respect him and if a man is wearing a pinky ring do not mess with him.

Every stylish man must have a great haircut. An important fact when choosing a suit is that navy is the most flexible suit colour as you can choose to mix with different colours such as black and red. Make sure your tie always conceals underneath your collar if it doesn’t it is far too loose. A watch should be worn securely around the wrist not as a bracelet. A quick guide to fitting the perfect suit jacket would be fitted is good, snug is dicey and tight is wrong.

A man can never have too many socks. When worn with confidence white suede shoes can be pulled off, even if you’re not rich. A man should always look presentable no matter the occasion, ensure you meet the standards. If you don’t know how much aftershave to use, then you probably shouldn’t be aloud to buy any. An absolute fashion must is do not wear speedo’s, please for the love of peoples eyes!

If you choose to wear a white t-shirt please make sure that it is actually white. Please make sure you do not out-dress your boss, unless of course you would like to take his job. When dressing for work please do not wear a novelty tie they can always be seen to be a bit tacky, a black tie would do just fine. Finally, always try to keep two white shirts and a navy blazer at work, you never know what could happen.

Source: Stand-Out