We all know that sour taste of beer that pinches your taste buds quite roughly. Some people might get accustomed to this weird beer flavor, while others are completely rejecting it. However, there are some beer types that are nothing like what the local bar usually offers. So, let’s uncover once and for all the gems of alcoholic beverages that you absolutely must try.

1. Chocolate Stout Beer

We’ll open our list with a delightful flavor that will surely appeal to many people. The chocolate stout beer has not earned its title due to a brown hue, but thanks to its actual chocolate taste. Brewers are using chocolate malts or sheer chocolate and mix it up in their traditional recipes. The result is a delicious and rich flavor, and you actually feel like drinking liquid happiness. This type of beer is probably the only one that men can offer their better halves for Valentine’s Day.

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2. Bock Beer

Bock beer is a German beverage, and its history dates way back to the Middle Ages. They are one of the strongest and heaviest types of beer out there. This is mostly because they are the result of the lagering process that employs cold storing. The flavor can resemble that of bread, but it is a hint sweeter. Its name actually means “goat, ” so whenever you see a bottle with this animal as a symbol, you will know you are in for a treat.

3. Ginger Beer

This is a popular choice for many people as the beverage is trying to get as far as possible from the traditional beer taste. There are many tasty ginger beer brands that you can enjoy alone or even use them in delicious and refreshing cocktail recipes such as the Moscow Mule.

If you want to try this type of beverage, make sure you don’t get a soft drink instead. Today, the title can denominate either the traditional product or a ginger juice that contains no alcohol.

4. Dubbel Beer

When you say “Belgian beer” most people would imagine a jolly monk from a monastery stirring a big pot of grains. And they are absolutely right to think this way. The Dubbel beer is mainly produced in monasteries, and it is also called as “abbey ale.”

You are likely to love this beer type as it has a strong, fruitful taste, even though it is dark and has about 6% to 8% ABV. You might even identify some dense flavor of plums or raisins. This drink works absolutely marvelous with a serve of stinky cheese or a rack of lamb.

5. Saison Beer

If you are the kind of person that loves surprises and the unexpected, Saison will surely exceed your expectations. It has its roots deeply set in an odd brewing tradition. To make Saison, people are actually using whatever they have at hand and is lying around the farmhouse. You can think of it as the “pizza” of beers.

Most Saison beers are dry and yeasty. However, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see on the market dark, pale or spiced types of such a beer. You now know the reason behind this flexibility.

6. Brown Ale

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Many people would dismiss the brown ale as being a bore for the taste buds. However, its toasty flavor makes it a great food-friendly companion. It may not excel at anything in particular from the beer world, but it will definitely enhance the joy of eating Mexican food or anything meaty for that matter. So, next time you are dining out, you can ask for brown ale to start a new culinary experience.

7. Gueuze

No English speaker can pronounce this name accurately, and there are more other curiosities about this type of beer. Some savvy people might not even categorize this as an actual beer, because of its unlikely taste that resembles more of a tart. Moreover, the method employed for their production is nothing like the good old brewing. It is similar to winemaking which makes them closer to fino sherry or cider.

So, it is good to know that Gueuze uses a lambic brewing technique that goes against conventions. The product results from a spontaneous fermentation that takes place due to naturally occurring, airborne yeast. The process can happen only in a particular part of the world called Payottenland and only between October and April. Thus, it is no wonder that this kind of product is hard to find on the market. However, it will be all worth it once you get hold of it.

8. Flanders Red

Flanders Red Ales are mostly known to have the most wine-like taste. The fermentation process resembles that of the lambic one, where only certain bacterial agents are used. The beer gets richer with a varied spectrum of tastes that can be of berries, dark fruits, red wine or balsamic. Its vinegary edge can be just the perfect reason for wine lovers to broaden their drinking preferences.

9. Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

This is another type of beer that will delight you with a powerful flavor that has a hint of chocolate feel. The barrel-aged imperial stout is bold and will surely take you by surprise. Its delicious secret stands in an innovative technique which is simply to let the imperial stouts ferment in old barrels that were previously used for wine, Bourbon, rum, brandy, and other spirits. The flavors get mixed up, and the result is an amazing spectrum of flavors. You might have to search a while to get your hands on a bottle, but you will get closer this way to becoming a connoisseur in this jolly field.

10. Rauchbier

The lovely city of Bamberg in Germany has given something intriguing yet marvelous to the world, namely Rauchbier. It is a type of beer that tastes like smoked bacon. The technique behind this unusual feature of such a beverage is the malted barley that specialists dry it over an open beechwood flame. The grains acquire a bacony taste which makes this type of beer a unique product. It’s an absolute must for all beer and food lovers. You might want to try a glass of Rauchbier next to a juicy burger or a pork chop.

So, these are the 10 types of beer that will broaden your view on this beverage. Even though you are not a fan, it would be definitely fun to have a taste of the resourcefulness of humankind.