The choice of materials from which shoes can be made of is broader year after year. It seems that we slightly neglect the health of our feet and comfort, giving priority to the price, appearance, and trend. It doesn’t necessarily mean that high-quality and comfortable shoes must cost more, but this is mostly the case.

Leather is the natural material which can “breath” and absorb moisture. It’s great for shoes in which we spend most of the day – your feet won’t sweat (how to keep feet from sweating read here). Leather boots, for example, are always better than textile ones, especially during autumn and winter days.

Maybe at the start, you can think of it as an unnecessary expense, but if you look long-term, a shoe made of quality and durable material can last for seasons. Leather shoes are more comfortable, healthier and more durable than those made of linen, plastic or rubber.

Most cowboy boots are made from leather. They also look very elegant on the leg. If you can fit them into your everyday style and make it look flawless, be sure you won’t stay unnoticed.

Full Quill Ostrich Boots – Both Elegant and Casual

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The ostrich leather is one of the most luxurious types of materials used in the production of footwear. It is known for persistence, water resistance, but also for a unique look. Models made of full quill ostrich leather are the actual piece of artwork because they are usually handmade, like Tecovas ostrich cowboy boots.

This luxurious material abounds in natural oils that help it to retain moisture and flexibility. Cowboy boots made of ostrich leather will not crack or make those nasty wrinkles where the foot bends. This is a piece of clothing for many, many seasons.

What make this material unique are the bumps on its surface, which give it an unusual, relief structure. Full quill is the pattern of this leather that is the most expensive. It is distinguished by highly marked spots where the feathers used to be. This also conducts the market price of this material. The more these spots are pronounced, the more expensive ostrich leather is.

Although this piece of clothing looks unusual and elegant, you can wear it every day. A rule that must be respected is that the rest of the clothes need to be a bit discreet. Given that these boots are very noticeable, if you add other eccentric details, you can look ridiculous. 

Ostrich Boots for Fancy Cowgirl Look

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Step from time to time, ladies can wipe off the dust from their cowboy boots, because it seems they will never get out of fashion. Even when they are not super trendy, you can wear them because these are a very comfortable and unique pair of shoes.

Look on the evolution of cowboy boots in women fashion through years here:

Cowboy Boots and Dress

An attractive fashion selection can be a combination of ostrich leather boots and breezy summer dresses, with or without sleeves. The length of the dress should be “decent,” slightly over or below the knee, depending on the height of the boots.

An unwritten rule is that the dress should be in some brighter shade in relation to cowboy boots. You could wear the belt if you want to emphasize your waste. In this case, you won’t need anything else than a great bag. For complete cowgirl look, you can tie ponytail or some loose braids.

If you love the boho chic style, you can match the midi dress with full quill ostrich cowboy boots. If you step out the rule that boots should be the star of this outfit, you can opt for floral or polka dot dress. If this is your choice for some evening date or going out, make sure you take a denim or leather jacket if it gets cold.

Pair the Elegant Ostrich with Sexy Denim

The high-waist denim shorts are something we definitely should have in our wardrobe. In combination with a leather belt and ostrich cowboy boots can look super hot. Following the before-mentioned rule that the rest of the outfit should be discrete, the classic monochrome t-shirt is all you need.

Jeans in all colors and cuts will always fit in with cowboy boots. Jeans is a classic, and the ostrich leather as footwear represents extravagance. Together they make a pure harmony. As for the upper part, you can wear a shirt, some romantic blouse, or a simple suit jacket with a t-shirt.

Ankle cowboy boots will go well with shorter jeans models, while in high boots, you can tuck in trouser legs. This is not something you’ll wear for a date in a fancy restaurant, but for a concert, festival or a walk in nature, this outfit makes perfect sense.

Outfits Matching Male Ostrich Cowboy Boots

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Men have a slightly narrow choice when it comes to combining cowboy boots into everyday dressing. One thing is for sure, they can’t go wrong with jeans. Classic jeans, a simple cut, with legs reaching their feet, is all they need. If you can’t deal with the proper length of your trousers, find some guidelines on this page.Toe shape is another way to add subtle style, such as the classic pointed toe, or more modern square toe cowboy boots for men.

Other options can be pants that are not too elegant. Their tones should be neutral – khaki, beige, brown, maybe grey and black. Unlike women, men can’t walk around without a belt. Make sure you match it with the color of your cowboy boots.

How to Maintain Ostrich Leather

Regular and proper maintenance of cowboy boots made of full quill ostrich leather guarantees long wear. Wipe the dirty or dusty shoes when you take them off. Use a damp cloth and a soft brush to remove the dirt from the bumps. The conditioner is required, and in special leather shops, you can find the one intended for this particular material.

If the ostrich leather comes into contact with some oil, it can change the color. If you spill something oily, wipe it immediately and sprinkle the boots with baby powder to pick up extra fat. Further cleaning as usual.

Check the website for more uses of baby powder:

Perhaps sometimes you want to get out of your routine and do something exciting like to change our style of dressing. Why do we always have to keep up with trends? If you feel and look good in cowboy boots, why not wear them every day. The sense of fashion is precisely that. To be unique, not ordinary.