Now more than ever, girls are treating themselves to a manicure. There are over 439,000 nail technicians working in the United States and they offer a myriad of services, from a simple polish to full-on acrylic nails.

2020 enters a new decade and the nail looks this year will be amazing and innovative, with some classics making a comeback.

From the simple French manicure to other crazy designs and trends, there are many fun and trending nail looks that fit all styles.

Step up your nail game for 2020! Here are five fun nail trends for the perfect nails.

1. Mood Ring Nails

Remember the mood rings you used to collect when you were younger? Expect to see the same style on nails this year! No, the color won’t change depending on your mood. But you can expect to see a celestial swirl of different colors.

The perfect mood ring manicure consists of swirling colors and plenty of shimmers. While mood ring nails are traditionally black, you can achieve this same look with fun colors such as purple.

2. French Manicure

The French mani escaped the nail landscapes for some time. French manicure lovers have no fear! The classic French tips are back! The perfect French manicure consists of the pinkish nail and stock white tip.

You can also make your French mani more innovative. Choose fun colors such as orange, red, green, gold, and black!

3. Non-Toxic Polish

Nail polish hasn’t always contained the safest ingredients. Some ingredients, such as toluene, dibutyl phthalate, and formaldehyde, all have toxic properties. Fortunately, new formulations are emerging that don’t contain toxic ingredients.

Find nail polish colors that don’t contain these toxic ingredients. There are also more natural and “clean” nail polish brands emerging.

4. Animal Print Nails

Animal print is all the rage in 2020. You’ll not only see animal prints on clothing and accessories but also on nails. Opt for trending animal prints such as zebra print, leopard print, and even cow print.

Since animal print is a complex design, it’s best to let a professional salon, such as Inscape Beauty Salon, do animal print nails for you.

5. Rainbow Nails

Can’t decide which color you want? Just use them all! Rainbow nails offer an interesting variety and are always eye-catching.

There are also many different styles to choose from. You can choose classic rainbow colors as well as colors from a certain range (such as from red to yellow) and even all shades of one color (such as teal to dark blue).

These 2020 Nail Trends Are Both Classic and Innovative

2020 nail trends are diverse and you’ll see many looks all over Instagram.

You have many options, from a classic style such as a French manicure to innovative looks such as rainbow nails. Nail fashion is also becoming healthier, offering more non-toxic polish options.

No matter your style, there are many trends to choose from and they compliment all styles. Make your nails pop in 2020!

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