The way of dressing define your personality and create the first impression. Fashion keeps changing and it is important to stay tuned to the latest trends in fashion. However, quality always matters much more than quantity. Here are top 20 fashion hacks that can transform your looks.

1) Make space for new clothes

Every now and then, you must clear off old and worn out clothes from your wardrobe to make space for new ones. It is the simplest way to stay tuned to the latest trends and new styles.

2) Get a nice hair cut

A nice hair cut can enhance your overall personality and add more purpose to your looks.

3) Keep your clothes neat and tidy

It is important to take proper care of your clothes by laundry or dry cleaning regularly as clothes can easily lose its charm if not managed well with care.

4) Carry an iron/steamer

No matter it’s a formal shirt or a t-shirt, wrinkles can take away the style from your clothing.

5) Boost your outfit with new accessories

Accessories such as rings and bracelets are smart way to enhance your outfit by adding little attractions.

6) Have a simple leather wallet

Leather wallet always makes a style statement and it is best go for simple and elegant design. It is one of the must have accessories to have in your pocket.

7) Trim off your nails and keep them tidy

Properly trimmed off, neat and clean nails leaves a positive impact and enhances the beauty of your hands. Manicure can also help to give hands some quality time.

8) Learn to pack your clothes properly

Packing your clothes properly is an art and you need to learn it to ensure that you can fit clothes into your bag properly without causing any unwanted wrinkles. It also saves your time and minimizes efforts.

9) Buy an expansive watch

A watch must not look cheap as it can easily take away all the charm from your outfit. It is necessary to invest in an expansive classical watch that go match your outfit and last long.

10) Trim off your facial hairs regularly

Facial hairs can make a huge difference if you maintain them properly by trimming them off regularly.

11) A good pair of shoes is a worthy investment

A pair of shoes is an essential part of the dress and timeless investment. You absolutely need at least one pair of elegant leather shoes along with 2-3 pairs of other types of shoes to go with your outfits.

12) Learn to create perfect layering of clothes

Whether it is a formal occasion or you are going for a party, a proper selection of layers is important to bring out the beauty of outfit.

13) Fitting of the outfit matters

A suit that looks awesome on the dummy model may not look good at all on you unless you choose the right fitting. If you cannot find proper fitting, get your clothes tailored for the perfect fitting.

14) Wear cologne

Cologne adds signature to your overall personality with unique scent. However, make sure that it is limited.

15) Remember to upgrade your backpack or briefcase

Backpack or briefcase is something that you carry with you daily and thus it is important to upgrade it from time to time. It represents who you are.

16) Change your shoe laces regularly

Laces are like lifeline of your shoes but a lot of times, we tend to ignore them. Changing laces is as important as polishing your shoes regularly.

17) Make your dress lively with small patches of bright colors

A small addition of bright colors to your outfit in the form of pocket, tie, square etc can make your outfit more lively and intimidating.

18) Keep your socks upgraded

Socks can create a poor impression with low sneakers if you do not upgrade them regularly. Go for a fresh and neat pair of socks every day.

19) Add stylish glasses

Choose an elegant pair of glasses to fit on your face and go with your outfit.

20) Find a good tailor

It is important to find a good tailor who can provide perfect fitting every single time.