This is a very common complaint among women: husband does not want to pay attention to the child. Does not play with him, nor talk, does not want to have a walk with the children etc. What should I do to change the situation?

There is no secret that most men are happy to put all the work and burden connected with the children on the shoulders of their wives. Each wife does not only feed, clothe and entertain the children, but also educates and settles all the problems in school and kindergarten. Meanwhile, the fathers are telling their second halves that they are too busy doing stuff at work because it is necessary to somehow financially support the family! They are very offended when the spouse tells that their children lack support and attention.

Let’s define from the outset: Do not take offense at the husband, who quite sincerely believes that his main duty is to bring money home which is considered to be the main care for the family. Let’s be frank: women like when their husbands are able to cater their small and big whims! However, it is important that the husband understands that his role in the upbringing of the child should not be restricted. The future of the baby largely depends on the presence of the father’s support in their lives! If the authority of the father is big in the family, when the boy grows up he tries to be as courageous, strong and independent as his father and usually copies father’s behavior. If the father is involved in the education of girls, each daughter has the idea of ​​the normal behavior pattern with the opposite sex. But how to convince the husband to deal with his own child?

Never blame!

As a rule, all women have an innate maternal instinct that wakes up immediately after the birth of the baby. But the men are initially deprived of their “paternal instinct.” It may appear or not – depending on the situation or the identity and character of your husband’s personality. However, in any case, do offend and do not scold your husband that he is not attentive to the child. Try to motivate a spouse to care for a child, often calling his attention by telling your beloved one that the baby is like his father and reminds him a lot. Notice the slightest attempt to spend time with the child and give thanks for this attempt! Fathers can help writing term papers or explain some issue to the child. You can tell your husband what a great role was played by your father in your life when you were small. If it was not, on the contrary, say that as a child you did not have enough attention of the father and regret that very much. Add that you want your baby to have nice upbringing and enough attention from both of the parents.

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Do not interfere!

Often the woman may unwittingly barricade the spouse of education and care for the baby. Her argument is strong: a man is not able to feed, clothe, and entertain children as she wants. Seeing such a spirit and attitude, the man is not particularly seeking to interfere with traditionally female responsibilities, and in such a case a man takes this course of affairs. And after some time, does not come to your baby, even after persistent requests: it is a woman’s business – to mess with the baby!

Try not to make such mistakes. Though not very skilled, a caring husband still loves his baby and is able to take care of it. Do not laugh at his clumsiness, do not emphasize that he has done something wrong. Make it a habit from time to time to keep the child and a husband together. You can be sure that after some time the husband will be a great teacher and carer!

Raise the authority of the father

Never sort out the relationships with your husband in front of the child. This will only nurture a disrespect towards the family relationships in your child. If the husband works a lot, explain to the child that his father is very busy because has a lot of responsibilities and helps people. Give an impetus to the husband to explain to his child how important his job is and why he is sometimes overwhelmed with tasks. Emphasize positive qualities of the child’s father and instill the feeling of proud for your beloved man!