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Ever since the social networking websites gained popularity online, people started using them to communicate with their near and dear ones. The various social networking websites have simplified communication to a great extent. The users of the social networking websites can use them to post videos, photos and messages and share them with their friends on the portals. In recent times, the various social networking websites like Face book are used for e-commerce and trade. Different types of consumer goods are sold online via face book. Fashion lovers can check out latest updates on fashion on Face book.

The various fashion Magazines are ranked by their fans. The top ten fashion Magazines that are popular on face book are as follows:-



The magazine is popular among the fashion lovers across the world. Besides the fashion segment, the magazine has the celebrity beauty, health and fitness segment. The Vogue culture, travel, food are equally enjoying.



Ultramodern women prefer to follow web portals like cosmopolitan. Such websites offer them information of their preferences and tastes. For modern women who are passionate and love to share their beauty and style secrets, the cosmopolitan is the ideal magazine that they should be reading.



This website is dedicated to the teen readers. Tips on hair styles, beauty and fashion for school going kids are posted over here. For the not so grown-up this web portal is a great place to learn new style statements.

4)Teen VOGUE


The website has all the stuff to turn on the moods for fashion. The textual and the image contents hold a lot of information about fashion. Apart from fashion, modern women can stay up to date about the latest buzz on entertainment, beauty, wellness and lifestyle habits.



The magazine is published in the United Kingdom, many European nations, the United States of America, the South Africa. It is a glamour website and as a cause its contents are stunningly bold and often quite beautiful. The regular readers stay informed about a range of intriguing topics that include news, fashion, hair and beauty, celebrity, celebrity fashions.



For fashion lovers the Elle stands for one of the best guide book for fashion and beauty. Popular globally, the magazine has a number of segments that include fashion, beauty, life and love, culture, horoscopes. The image and the text contents are informative and that adds to the magazine’s popularity.



This fashion website is especially meant for women. The website has a number of interesting contents that make it widely popular among young women. Those women who are addicted to fashion can find interesting fashion, beauty tips in the website. Nylon offers web surfers and prospective customers’ options to purchase a range of fashion products in the shop segment. Online purchase is simple and reduces hassle to a considerable extent.

8)V Magazine


This magazine is an US magazine which is printed on a seasonal basis. The magazine highlights on the latest fashion trends. It also highlights on art, film and music.



This is a popular fashion magazine. It not only talks about fashion but also focuses on celebrity matters, beauty tips, lifestyle and much more. With an attractive layout, the magazine has informative contents in the form of textual, images and videos that make it special.



With this magazine, discovering new hair ideas, beauty and makeup tips, skin care advice is fun. At Allure, the surfers are informed about the latest beauty products. Besides fashion, the website gives important tips about celebrity and lifestyle matters.

The significance of the above mentioned web portals, they have adequate online exposure. These websites are quite common in the social networking websites like the face book, Twitter.