No doubt, your wedding is one of the happiest days of your life. The memories of this day will be cherished by you and your beloved now and forever. But, no matter how sharp your memory is, you won’t be able to remember every single detail of this day off by heart. And that’s why most of the couples tend to have wedding videography at their wedding ceremony.

The moment that you walking down the aisle, your mom helping you with that beautiful dress, Auntie Lyanna doing her best dance moves after too many glasses of champagne, all these moments are precious to you and you want to have this all captured on film so that you can relive the day in all its glory for years to come.

If you are going with the wedding videography route, then you need some help deciding whom to pick. These tips for choosing a good wedding videographer will ensure you that you pick the right videographer to meet your needs.

Choose a Videographer as seriously as you choose your Photographer

You need to choose your videographer seriously because wedding videography is a technical art. It’s very important to choose the right one because it takes an exorbitant amount of experience and skill to produce a flawless wedding video. Though the photographs are beautiful, nothing can be compared with a video to relive the special day moments forever and to share with your future children and grandchildren.

Ask about the style

You have to make sure that their version of style aligns with yours. You and your videographer should have the same idea of what kind of video you want to be filmed, it can be a documentary, or cinematic, or a mix of both. If you both don’t have the idea then you might end up paying for nothing. Hence, ask for samples of their work, it will help you sensing how professional they are.

Seek out reviews

You’ve checked their works, it looks great. Your meeting went well. But you really don’t know if you’re making the right choice. In that case, I recommend to seek out reviews. You can ask around. Does any of your friends hired them before, does your photographer know them, does your event planner have experience working with them? These people will be able to give you the information you want to know before making your decision.

Meet in person before hiring

You should always meet them in person before taking the step. By meeting them, you’ll have a sense about how the videographer that you’re about to hire is like and also the personality of the person. You have to build a connection easily so that things don’t feel awkward on your wedding day. This person will be around you for most of the wedding day, so you need to consider these things.

View their portfolio

It’s probable that they only post a few videos of the best work on their website. That’s why it’s important to see their entire portfolio before signing up. Request them to access you to their YouTube account to see their more work. It’s also good to see wedding videos from your own venue if possible.

Discuss your goals

You must have an idea about the things you want to be filmed on. Discuss with your videographer about things that need to be captured. Do you want the only ceremony to be captured or would you like to film dancing guests as well? If the videographer has no idea about what scenes you want to be filmed then they may include footages that you never wanted to see in the first place.

Ask about the audio ahead of time

I always recommend incorporating audio in wedding videos. It helps to create a more personalized film, as well as it helps to evoke all the emotions from your special day. It gives a better storyline to your wedding film when you add audio such as written vows, reception speeches, conversations between the bride and the bridesmaids, etc. So, don’t be shy to ask for audio equipment to record the audio.

Read out the contract thoroughly

Read through the contract. You and your videographer have to be on the same page until the last minute of your wedding. There shouldn’t be any situation that you will have to cancel them a week prior to the wedding. So, it’s important to read through the contract otherwise you might end up paying for a service that you did not request.

Ask for potential edits

Wedding video editing is a complex process. It involves cleaning up audio, adding music, ensuring everyone looks perfect and making a way to display the video in front of all. It’s very important to bring your idea up ahead of time if you have one in your head.

Choosing the right videographer is important. Otherwise, your wedding video might not be much enjoyable to watch. It helps to hold on to special memories, and certainly, you don’t want to miss out on them.