Weddings take months to plan, but it could happen that you don’t have all the time in the world to plan yours. If you have dreamed about your wedding since you were a little girl, then you probably already know the details, but you will have to squeeze your dream into a month or two planning schedule. This is not easy, but it’s not impossible either so get your checklist and start planning.

Budget, Guest List and Style

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Your budget will depend on your guest list and the style of the wedding. Think about your dream wedding reception. Is it a small dinner at your favorite restaurant with your friends and family? Or is it a big fancy party? As soon as you make that decision, you can start calculating your budget. However, if the budget ends up being way too big for you to provide, you can shorten the guest list a bit. On average, a guest list includes around 140 people, but since you are planning the wedding on a short time notice, some of the potential guests may already have some other plans. This can be good, since you can cut down on the expenses a bit.

Set the Date and Book the Venue

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The date will probably depend on the vacancy of the venues. Most of the venues might already be booked for some potential Saturday, but don’t get discouraged. If you wish to have the reception at some of the popular venues, try finding a date that falls on a Friday or Sunday afternoon to double your chances. If you still want your wedding to be on a Saturday, then you will have to go for some less popular locations, such as nearby restaurants or event spaces with large rooms. Also, think of a venue where you can have both the ceremony and reception and kill two birds with one stone.

The Dress and Suit

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Wedding dresses probably take the most time to find and alter. If you are confident enough, you can start searching for the dress right away or start tailoring it. However, if you don’t have as much time as it is needed, consider going to retail outlets and find a beautiful dress for a decent amount of money. The groom here is luckier, since he only needs to find a tuxedo or a suit he likes. However, he should also start searching for the right one on time, just in case there is some altering to be done before the big day.

Don’t Forget About the Food

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The best option is booking a caterer, but most companies require booking in advance. So, all the catering companies might already be busy. If you are not having your wedding reception at a restaurant, you can easily order platters a day or two before the big day from many restaurants. Or you can even plan and prepare your own food, if the wedding is smaller. However, don’t forget that you need a place to store all that food to keep it fresh, and you can easily rent a mobile coolroom for a couple of days and resolve all the issues.

Flowers and Photos

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To avoid the fuss of booking the florist on such a short notice, you should check out your local farmer markets. The flowers in season are typically cheaper and you can get the most beautiful bouquets and decorations for less money. As far as photographers are concerned, you can always ask some of your friends to be the designated photographers and videographers. All you have to do is find a decent camera and you are done.

It is a bit harder to plan a wedding on a short notice, but it is not impossible. Just stay relaxed, take care of the essential stuff, and be ready to have the wedding of your dreams and enjoy the married life.