Do you want to look your best at that important event you are about to attend? Do you want to attract all eyes and be the talk of the party? If the answer is yes, let’s talk about pearls. Pearls are considered by a lot of people some of the most exquisite pieces of jewelry available on the market. Despite what you might think, you don’t need to be rich or have royal blood to wear peals these days.

All you need is to check out PearlsOnly and see what type of pearls you find most suiting for your style and needs. But that might not be as simple as some think, because there are people that aren’t that comfortable or even knowledgeable about pearls and how to wear them. To show you that pearls allow you to get as inventive as you want, we’re going to show you some of the ways in which you can make use of pearls without wearing a basic necklace.


Clothes which would usually require buttons can be used to display your flashy and attractive pearls. Wearing them as faux-buttons on a sweater or vest can be a very classy yet casual style, because you are obviously going the extra mile but you’re making it look like it’s just a regular Tuesday for you.

Shoe bling

Shoes are an important part of everyone’s wardrobe, and enhancing a pair of shoes or getting a pair of shoes with pearls can really take you from 0 to 100 real quick. Some outfits are downright amazing but there’s something about them that don’t really click, at least not until you add some shiny pearls to finish the job perfectly.


If you have any kind of accessories that you carry around such as a small purse or a bracelet, or even a cane, you can encrust them with pearls that will make them even more exquisite. It’s very important to not overdo it however, since we’re talking about accessories. If they’re too extravagant and eye-catching, they can take people’s focus away from you, which isn’t what you need.


Glasses come with frames, and frames are the perfect opportunity to put a line of pearls all around your glasses. Reading glasses or sunglasses, you can treat yourself either way. Both types of glasses could use some pearl enhancement as it will boost their appearance tremendously. Reading a book with your pearl glasses will show that you are a dynamic person whereas going to the beach with your pearl sunglasses will show that you like doing things with style.

There are other ways in which pearls can be used to make yourself even more attractive and pleasant to look at, but these are some of the things you can take into consideration.