This 2019, Cannes Film Festival will start from May 14 and will continue up to May 25. This is the 72nd Cannes Film Festival and its dates were announced recently via a Twitter account in the upbeat message.

According to the statement released in the Twitter account, “With the arrival of the summer season, we are happy to announce to host our 72nd edition of the Cannes Festival. This time, it will start from 14th of May and end on the 25th of May. Just remember the dates and note them down before you should forget about the festival.”


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The new thing about the latest film festival is that the event will go on for more than one week. In addition, the announced dates indicate the replacement of the previous schedule, which starts from Wednesday to Sunday. Because of this, a majority of film industry regulators said that latest schedule or timings have made most of the industrial guests to shorten their stay at the Cannes Festival 2019.

For instance, if guests arrive either on Monday or on Tuesday, they have to check out the end of the first weekend instead of staying for a few days of the second week. However, we have to see whether the 72nd Festival will retain the market screening and controversial new press rules introduced during the last year.