No matter how much time you spend at the gym or working out outdoors, sometimes the motivation simply fails. Whether it’s because of personal problems, or because you’re just tired of the same old workout routines, hitting the treadmill can often become the worst thing to think about, let alone do. That’s why you need to learn a few tricks that will keep you going no matter what.

Set a goal

Set a goal

One of the best ways for always wanting to make more progress is to stick to a certain goal. Whether it’s to run a mile every day or to burn a certain number of calories each week, as long as you have something to strive for, you’ll keep going until you accomplish the goal. Also, think about getting an activity tracking device which will enable you to monitor your progress properly, and know exactly when you’ve reached a certain goal.

Switch up the routine

Doing one and the same thing every time will eventually become tedious. Therefore, think about alternating your workouts, and instead of having specific days for each workout, make different schedules for every week. That way, you won’t have to focus on cardio on Mondays and pumping the iron on Wednesdays, but do those exercises on some other days as well. Think about the types of exercises you’ve never done, and try them out as well. Maybe group training classes can become a part of your workout routine, and you leave swimming or jogging for a while.

Make a playlist

Music is a natural mood booster so it would be a good idea if you made a playlist with your favourite songs and listen to it while breaking a sweat. Fill your phone with all the beats that will keep you moving and with Shure SE846 headphones, you’ll have the perfect music vibe that will make you want to exercises for hours. Think about having three separate playlists for warming up, doing the high-intensity exercises and for post-workout stretching respectively, and make your workout sessions truly enjoyable.

Rest between workouts

It’s essential that you don’t overtrain. Resting in between workouts will prevent burnouts and make you want to exercises because you’ve managed to recharge. Recovering from the strenuous workout will also help you build lean muscle and burn calories without putting your body through too much stress. Also, if you don’t make enough breaks between the training sessions, you’ll be at risk of injuring yourself badly and even potentially become disinterested in training.

Look for a training buddy

Training Buddy

If working out on your own is the main problem you feel like giving up, it’s time to look for someone to break a sweat with you. Training in pair raises the chances of healthy competition, making you try twice as hard. You won’t make excuses for slacking off because you’ll want to be just as good or even better than your workout buddy. You can set mutual goals and work together to accomplish them. Set a reward for the one who manages to reach a certain goal first, and maybe think about a “punishment” for the one who fails to do it in a timely fashion. This will increase your workout motivation and make workouts more fun.

Staying physically active is vital for your well-being, which is why you shouldn’t look for an excuse to avoid going to the gym. It’s okay to skip one or two exercises in a row if you feel like you’ve been spending too much time pumping the iron, but if you spend more time outside the gym than you do on a treadmill, it’s time you look for something to give you extra motivation. Whether you set a daily goal, start listening to music, or begin working out with a friend, exercises will become more fun, and you’ll gladly do it week in week out.