Getting into shape is a difficult job, yet for most, the difficult part comes only afterwards. As you have achieved the desired weight or optimal fitness level, you are more likely than ever to fall back into your old, not so healthy, ways. Why is that?

Simply, your body doesn’t need rigorous routines of workouts and diets anymore, but a more balanced regime. The problem is switching from the first to the second. However, there are a few things you can do to make the transition easier.

To help you out, we have compiled 5 ways you can use to stay on top of your fitness.

Give your body the right fuel

Don’t think of food as a necessary evil that is ruining your figure, but rather try to look at it as a way to refuel your body. Start your day with a glass of water and remember to drink enough of it through the course of the day.

Starving yourself won’t help you in the long run, rather organize your meals and allow a bit of cheating here and there. Cooking and trying out new recipes can make the whole process a bit more fun.

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Also, try to find healthier supplements for your favourite snacks, so perhaps eat a fruit salad rather than an ice cream. Your body will thank you for it.

Sleep is essential

As we grow older, there is less time and less opportunity to have enough sleep. The key factor is not only time itself, but stress.

Stress and anxiety can’t be ‘solved’ but they can be managed. By eating properly and getting enough sleep, you can help your body deal with stress on the physiological level. The right food eaten at an appropriate time won’t make your stomach overwork itself while you should be sleeping. Likewise, by tiring yourself out, your body will relax more easily and allow you to get the good night rest it needs.

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On the same note, not getting enough sleep changes your fat cells. So instead of getting rid of fat, your body is actually storing it. As you can see, one goes with the other. Healthy diet, sleeping enough, and working out are all necessary parts of the fitness process.

Workout as a part of your day

Though most people associate working out with gyms, there are also other, additional ways you can help your fitness. Just like you have to accustom your eating and sleeping habits, you also need to change how you go about your day.

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One way to incorporate working out into your daily life is changing your commute. Riding bicycles every day or walking to and from work can prove as great fitness routines. And if that isn’t enough, both cycling and walking are greener and cheaper options to driving or taking the bus. All you have to do is go through various bicycles and find the one that will suit your needs and style, if the job is too far away for going on foot.

Walk and move as much as you can, and you should also use the stairs all the time. Stairs are your fitness friends, so don’t skip them just because the lift is ‘quicker’.

Find time and space to workout

Though you may walk and cycle more, you should still squeeze a bit of time for a decent workout. If you are more a gym rat sort of person, then that is the place for you. Even if you can only find a little bit of time, use it, as there will always be something that will make your workouts shorter than you might think is necessary.

Then again, if you don’t like being surrounded by people, and especially if your time for exercising is severely limited, you can exercise at home. Even doing a plank and a bit of push-ups can help you start your day on the right foot.

Make exercising more interesting

For some people, exercising can be a useful hack to space out and allow their mind to calm down as they work on their body, similarly to meditating or doing yoga. However, if that isn’t your thing, and particularly if you get bored easily, you can listen to music, your favorite podcast or a new audiobook. The main point is that exercising needs to be something to look forward to, not to dread.

Another great way to enjoy exercising is to take the fun outside. You can run, jog or simply walk with or without a particular destination in mind. What is also great about these options is that you can do them individually or as a part of a group.

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Playing a sport can be an optimal routine to combine exercising with socialising. You are less likely to get bored and a little bit of competitiveness never hurt anyone.

Love it or hate it, keeping your fitness under control is the key to maintaining a better-quality lifestyle. To make the changes in nutrition, sleep schedule, and your workout routines stick, you ought to personalize them so as they can suit you in particular. That means that you need to find them interesting and stimulating.

However, in addition to making your new habits more appealing, you also have to make sure they are manageable in terms of time and space. Finding the right balance between them is tricky, but it can be done. Stay persistent and always be on the lookout for new, exciting ways you can make your fitness more inspiring and just generally better.