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No matter how meticulously you planned your wedding, be prepared for this as well – at least a few things will not go according to the plan. A few surprises are unavoidable, but as long as you have a backup plan and do not stress about it, you will be fine. Here are the things that could go wrong before and on your big day that nobody warned you about.



You thought that opting for a casual wedding rather than a fancy one would mean less work.

Well, you were wrong. Whether you decide to serve fish and chips or tartufo bianco d’Alba, the planning and organizing process is the same. You need to look for caterers, evaluate all options, and make a pick. The same holds true for any other aspect of the day, from choosing napkins and wedding gown, to making the wedding playlist. Allot plenty of time to plan everything, and do not panic.

Your future husband might not be opinionated about some important details.

Guys are usually not as overwhelmed by wedding planning as we girls are. If you ask him for an opinion on the choice between red and pink peonies for the bridal bouquet, the best reaction you can possible expect is a shrug. His uninterested reactions do not mean that he does not care about you. It is just that he, like any other guy, does not obsess over such ‘irrelevant’ details. Just remember that we are different. And he needs to be a good husband, not a good wedding planner.



Your future husband might be too opinionated about some unimportant details.

Wait, did you say RED peonies? But you know he hates red! And that is that moment. When you least expect it, your husband-to-be will trespass into your bridezilla territory. All of a sudden, he will be expressing very strong feelings about something you never even asked him about. Something that does not concern him at all. But actually, it does because it is his wedding too. Look at this moment as a sample of a lifetime of moments you will be sharing. Learn to divvy up the decision-making tasks from day one.

You will have your ‘zilla moment.

Sooner or later, you will cross over to the dark side. It may come unexpectedly, and last for a brief moment, or through the entire wedding organizing process. During that time, you will be convinced that a unicorn pulling your pumpkin coach is an essential, which you deserved to have by the way. Luckily, these moments of craziness mostly pass soon after the wedding.

Involving kids in the ceremony is a risk (worth taking).

Children make the most adorable flower girls and ring bearers. Giving them a part in the ceremony will make the wedding more special. But, kids tend to get restless after some time. Your flower girl might fall and torn her dress, or stain it with juice even before walking down the aisle. Have a spare dress at your hand, so there would be no unpleasant surprises. Check out Stellina Cute Couture vast selection of adorable flower girl dresses.



Your face will hurt from smiling.

Forget about the photos. You will be smiling the entire day, because you will not be able to contain your happiness. You are marrying your best friend, surrounded by your loving families and friends. There is good food and a lot of dancing. How can it not be the happiest moment in your life?

The day after your wedding is horrible

The morning after the wedding you will be incredibly tired and exhausted. But you will also feel strangely nostalgic and sensitive. You will be fighting tears every few hours. You will be excited to be married, relieved that it all went fairly well, and kind of sad. There will be mixed feelings of regret and guilt for not spending enough time with your guests, or not saying enough thank-yous to your parents.



It goes by so quickly, you will barely remember what happened.

You are so stressed the entire day and focused on keeping everything under control that, before you know it, the day passes on fast forward. There is no way to prepare for this and slow down the process. There are just too many things to process in just one day. Luckily, there are photos, videos, and your friends’ memories to remind you of your wedding day.

Not only will things go wrong, and people will notice.

One of the things people tell you before the wedding is that you are the only one who is going to notice if anything goes wrong. Wrong. People are going to notice if the topper on the wedding cake was missing and they will talk about it. But these moments make your wedding more memorable.

Are you stressed out about your wedding? Take a deep breath and remember it will all be over soon.