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Do you remember wearing gumboots or rain boots during your childhood? It used to be very unbearable at that point of time because we had to team up the boots with a pair of socks to make them feel comfortable. But as times have changed and you have grown up, so have the trends in fashion changed.

The boots have evolved and have emerged as the Wellington Boots or Wellies. Not just restricting itself to the original kind, there so many kinds of boots out there in the markets now. People in the United Kingdom have shortened the name to ‘Wellies’ creating a genre for them.

The Wellington boot is based on the leather Hessian boots and was formerly used primarily for hunting and outdoor purposes. Initially these were made from rubber but nowadays these are made up of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride). Thus they have become waterproof in nature. Generally of knee-length in height, nowadays boots of shorter length have also come up. Green wellingtons are favourites among the people of Britain whereas the Americans prefer red-soled black ones.

There are so many varieties of boots available in the stores and it sometimes becomes very difficult to choose from amongst them.

The foremost criterion of choosing a boot depends on the weather. You need to choose a boot considering the weather prevalent in your area and your comfort level.

Wellington boots or PVC boots are suitable for people who are allergic to latex. These are more durable than the rubber ones.

Then is the Hunter boot which has always been a classic favourite for all the boot lovers. But these are not recommended for people who have the habit of walking for long periods wearing boots because their basic tread pattern prohibits them from doing so.

When choosing a boot for the purpose of walking you need to check the tread pattern. The Vibram sole is the best recommended sole for walking especially if you need to walk all the extra miles.  It’s a must for people who wear boots daily and need to walk a lot.

If you want to wear the Hunter boots throughout the year, then you must choose one that is neoprene lined as this helps to keep your feet warm in winters and dry in summers as well.

Many women have bigger calf muscle width compared to the usual ones. For those kinds of women it is advised to opt for one of those Wide calf wellies which range up to around 53 cm. Some wide fitting boots come with an adjustable calf buckle and also have a soft cushioned foot bed to provide a comfortable fit to the person wearing it. Some are even fleece lined to provide warmth in winters.

Some people face problems while wearing boots and can be seen struggling to put in or take off their boots. The solution to their problem lies in Zipped boots that are very convenient for easy wearing and removal.  Boot removers also come in handy for this purpose. They are cost effective too.

The EWE boots are incorporated with high quality cow suede or sheep’s wool suede. They are easy to pull on and are so designed as to counter the collapse usually seen in other kinds of boots.

The wellies are also the ideal options during the rains as it helps protect our feet from the mud in the streets. These are available in solid colours too and can well be complemented with office wear or any kind of formal wear.

Wellies with satin ribbons and the ones with customised messages made with crystal are also one of the off-beat options for the Christian bride.

In short wellies are for all who want an unconventional look and have a love for experimentation in their attire.