Your invention capabilities see the light when the necessity arises. You will meet expectations and come up with ideas that make use of things that are present around you. Even with the lockdown easing down, there are containment zones that make it impossible to have access to a few essential goods, such as mops. You may find trouble cleaning and mopping your home the conventional way – using a cleaning cloth. You can overcome the pain and create your own DIY cleaning mop using several reusable things available around. Let us see how you can make the best mop at home with the things that you already have!

1. Using outdated t-shirt

To create your own DIY cleaning mop, you need the following things:

  1. An outdated t-shirt
  2. A stick – preferably wood
  3. Cable ties for tying


Begin by cropping the sleeves and opening the edges of the t-shirt. Use the wooden stick and wrap the top of the t-shirt such that it will leave protracted finish handing from the stick. Use the cable ties to tie the t-shirt to the stick. You will find the lower half hanging out in broad strips. Dip the stick in a bucket containing a cleaning solution with the hanging end soaked. You can start using it after rinsing excess water.

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2. Using outdated fur socks

You will need:

  1. Fur socks
  2. Wiper
  3. A solution containing water, white vinegar, and oil

If you are in possession of used and outdated fur socks that you used during the winter to keep your feet warm, you can reuse and create your own DIY cleaning mop with a simple conversion.


You can start by socking the fur socks in the solution of water, white vinegar, and oil. Remove it from the solution and squeeze to remove excess water. Use the wiper and canopy the same with the soaked socks. With the socks ready to clean your house, you can sweep using the same to remove dust and stains with ease.

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3. Using outdated towel

Things you will need:

  1. Old towels
  2. A stick – wooden or steel
  3. Cable ties

We often use plenty of towels, with each having at least two pairs. When you are cleaning your cabinets, you will find a stock of old towels packed and stored that are no longer in use. If you have unused towels, it is time to put them into good use. You can create your own DIY cleaning mop with the towels.


The first step you will be doing is cropping the hard border of the towel. Use a pair of scissors and cut the remaining content of the cloth into broad strips. Club the strips together and use the cable tie to tie them down. Use the stick (wooden or steel) and tie the collective strips with it using the cable ties. Ensure that you pulled the cables ties to the maximum for rigid construction. Cut the remaining portion of the cable tie. The cleaning mop is ready, and you can begin using it with the cleaning solution that you use regularly.

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The examples tell you how you can prepare a cleaning mop at home using several unused items. Using DIY mops not only saves money but also reduces waste.