“It is not the gift, but the thought that counts.”.

-Henry Van Dyke

Who doesn’t like a well decorated present, right? We all surely love to get gifted on several occasions. But ssshhh! You never tell that to anyone knowingly for sure. Rather you desire those gifts to be presented to you by someone special as a surprise. We always crave for some special gifts from our loving ones. Strangely, on many instants, a perfectly thoughtful gift would commence a juncture curiously. A well thought present requires your sincere attention. Choosing the right one may prove demanding and laborious to you, particularly when you want your gifts appreciated by your someone special.

You certainly don’t want your gifts to be forsaken after those main events or never to be used by that person. Also, you definitely don’t want to spend lavishly on some gifts which serve no purpose for your special person. Instead of, you need to be perfectly sure that you choose the right one for your right one which bears an important significance in your distant future. Howbeit, if you want your partner to know that you input your precious thought and time to pick a unique one to make them feel extra special, you may handmade them instead of buying them. It goes without saying that your effort behind a homemade gift never goes unnoticed and will be much appreciated. Here are some rough ideas to start making a gift at your home.

Travel picture frame of your travels together

There is no better gift than to which can take you to a memory lane. The idea is to wrap up some of your quality time spend together in the past and gift it to your loved ones so that they can cherish and relish every bit of it one more time. It will bring back happy memories every time they look at it. This can remind your lover all the love and fun times you both have spent at some point in your life and can take part in concreting your bond with your partner.

DIY pillows

Anyone would love to have a mark from his/her lover on their bedroom or rather we should say on their bed. A decorated and handmade pillow would remind you of your lover even in your slumber. It certainly has the power to bring a smile on his/her’s face without any prior notification. Be sure you quote something on the pillow cover which will surely make this whole idea much more romantic. Your loved one can figuratively sleep with you every night even when you’re not near.


Dating scrapbook

Crafting a romantic memory book all by yourself is the ultimate romantic gesture you can pursue your partner. This particular idea of gifting perfectly suits any occasions, be it anniversary or birthday. It is an immensely personalized gift anyone can present to anyone. Of all the handmade gifts it’s by far the easiest to construct. Fill the book with all your significant possessions over the years. It may be your first date’s movie tickets or a selfie on your first anniversary or maybe just a one-liner love note he/she gave you on your depressed time. Suppose, you got yourself a lifelong partner from www.DoULike.com, then you can certainly create a page of your scrapbook consisting of some details about that like the first time you observed him/her on the screen, how you felt on the first meeting and thereafter how you continue to celebrate your partnership as one. Anything you hold dear must be a part of your scrapbook.

Message in a bottle

Perhaps the ancient and most adorable way to tell your special one that you love him/her. If you want to surprise your partner or make them feel tremendously loved and cared, maybe this idea is the one. Arrange the proper ingredients and you can prepare it in no time.

Painted rocks

Bit hard to achieve it but it can be a beautiful piece of craft to gift to someone. The hardest part of it is finding the right shape of stone for your decided art. After that, you need to determine which paints you want to use. Then you’re all set. Look at some tutorials and you can commence.

Homemade Candles

If you’re looking for some fun time while you’re preparing some item to gift to your loved ones, then homemade Candles are a perfectly suitable choice you want to produce. Plus, you can add any one or two scents according to your partner’s preference which can create a relaxing, soothing and comforting ambiance. Just gather the supplies and get into it.

Bath bombs

Genuinely a fun and fast way to make something for your lover. You can literally make a bath bomb as of your choosing. You can add any kind of smell and give it many different shapes according to your partner’s preference. You can just watch a tutorial or hear the procedure from your friend or neighbor and voila! You can prepare a batch of your own and attach different labels to customize your gift set respectively.

A handmade gift bears a certain resemblance. It portraits your hard efforts and showcases your endless love towards them.