When you enter in a relationship, it is OK to try your label best in making your partner happy and express your love towards him/her. However, before you should take action, it is essential for you to stay well aware of the difference between a one-sided relation and a selfless love. For this, you should check certain signs of a one-sided relationship or affair as we have mentioned in our blog post.

Seven signs that say you are in a one-sided relationship

1. You Bother a Lot to Meet Your Partner’s Expectations

If you find as asking yourself repeatedly about meeting the expectations of your partner, it is possible that you are in a one-sided relationship. In other words, you put your energy and attention towards getting likes from him/her instead of truly nurturing yourself. To avoid this, you have to learn to stay authentic in you, so that you attract a truly matched relationship only.

2. If it is a One-Sided Conversation

Communication is an excellent way to setup a strong relationship with your partner. You may discuss many things, like sharing your daily incidents to a specific family or office problems. In fact, communication plays an important role to bring partners close to one another and setup a strong bond.

However, if we talk about the signs of a one-sided relationship, you will find that the conservation between your partner and you is always one-sided. This means, you are the only one, who always initiates the conversation and hence, you have to give second look to your existing relationship.

3. You Often Make Excuses to Justify Your Partner’s Action

If you are in one-sided relationship, you often act as a spokesperson for your partner. You often justify or make excuse of his/her actions in the case of a missed family event, almost every mistake he/she commits or each awkward situation he/she creates. You have to take responsibility to safeguard the reputation of your partner and keep your loved ones satisfied and happy. This step is both stressful and exhausting.

4. When You Have to Apologize Every time regardless of Your Fault or Not

Do you have to apologize every time regardless of your fault or not? If yes, it indicates ones of the major signs of a one-sided relationship. You should keep in mind that love consists of feelings and comfort from your partner during the time of distress. In contrast, when you are in one-sided affair, your partner always force you feeling sorry even for small things you do. However, you should keep in mind that conflict resolution in your relationship should essentially be a term approach instead of the responsibility of a single person.

5. Your Partner Never Check on You

A simple question of ‘how are you?’ or anything similar may make a big difference in the life of an individual. If you enter in a one-sided affair, your partner will hardly think about your good health and never give time to ask about it. He or she will never show concerns to your health issues and other problems or bother to know that if you have anything to share with him/her.

6. You Always Feel Insecure of Your Relationship

If you always question or feel insure about the status of your relationship and you never feel ease with your partner, you may be in a one-sided affair. This is because; your relationship with your partner should never be a sustainable one; rather, it should be a true and strong relationship.

7. Your Partner Does Not Give Time to Discuss Problems

Every day, partners have to face tons of problems to retain a strong relationship and both require putting a huge effort to overcome issues. Hence, it is essential for you and your partner as well to discuss such problems and communicate. However, in the case of a one-sided relationship, your partner never gives time or hardly thinks to discuss such issues. Instead, he/she runs away from the underlying issue.