If you are the one searching for the right partner or willing to enhance your intimacy level with your chosen partner, you should prepare a few questions to break through the intimacy levels. You can easily do so with your friends and your partner both. In this blog post, we have shared 36 questions to ask your partner and categorized them in different sets. Accordingly, each set contains 12 questions and one set is a bit more personal as compared to the previous one.

First Set of Questions

In the first set of questions to ask your partner, you have to prepare a few of the basic questions, as these questions will intend to set up your communication with your man.

  1. If you get a chance to select anyone from the whole world, whom you will invite as your guest for lunch or dinner?
  2. Do you want to become a renowned person and if yes, what would be your way?
  3. Do you practice or select the words in advance before making a phone call? If yes, why you do so?
  4. What should you do to make your day a perfect one?
  5. When did you sing a song and for whom you sing i.e. for yourself or anyone else?
  6. If you get a chance of living up to 90yeras and retain the body or mind of a 30-year old for the remaining 60years of life what you will select?
  7. Do you have knowledge of secret hunch, for which you want to die?
  8. What are the common things between you and your partner?
  9. What is the thing or factor that makes you highly grateful in your entire life?
  10. If you want to bring changes in anything or way, what exactly you choose?
  11. Do you dedicate a few minutes period to narrate a detailed story of your life to your partner?
  12. If you wake up tomorrow with extra ability or quality, what would you like it to be?

Second Set of Questions

The second set should consist of a few of the deep questions or more personal questions related to his life. These include the following-

  1. What would you ask if you get a crystal ball or a card that can tell the truth about your life, you as a person, your future and similar others?
  2. Do you have anything dreaming for a long time? If yes, why do not you put effort to make it come true?
  3. What is the biggest achievement in your life?
  4. Whom do you think as the most valuable person in friendship?
  5. Do you have any pleasant memory in life and if yes, what it is?
  6. What do you consider as a terrible memory of your life?
  7. If you know you will die within one year suddenly, will you want to bring any change in your lifestyle? Why you will do so?
  8. How do you perceive the term of friendship in life?
  9. What is your opinion about love and affection in life?
  10. What are the five items that you want to share with your partner based on your positive characteristic?
  11. How you were close to your family members? Do you think that your childhood was pleasant as compared to the childhood of other people?
  12. How are your relationship with your parents and guardians in the family, especially your mother?

Third Set of Questions

In the third and final set, you will get deeper questions to know your partner closely as possible. These include the following-

  1. What are the three true ‘we statements’ you will make? For instance, ‘we are feeling happy in this room’ or anything similar.
  2. Please complete the sentence, “I wish I can have someone to share whatever in my mind.”
  3. What will be important to know about your partner if you want to become his close friend?
  4. You should tell the partner about whatever the things you like in him. During this time, you have to say everything honestly.
  5. Share any of the embarrassing moment of life with your partner.
  6. When did you become sad or cried last in front of any other individual?
  7. You should frankly tell your partner the thing, you like about him already.
  8. Does anything related to your life is too serious, which you never want to make a joke?
  9. If you already know that you will die on today’s evening without any opportunity to communicate with others, will you regret of not telling something to someone?
  10. Your house and belongings accidentally catch fire but you succeed to save your dear ones and your pets. Now, if you get time to make a final dash safely for saving a single item what would you choose it to be?
  11. Among each of the members in your family, whose death will make you highly disturbing, and why?
  12. Lastly, you should share your personal problem and ask for advice from your partner on how he should handle it. You should also ask the partner the same thing and way he is feeling about your chosen solution to the problem.

Based on the following questions, you will expect to find the right partner and develop a strong relationship with him.