Whether you are going for a first date or first hangout, you will get the chance to spend a few hours to learn or know about one another. However, other than the enjoyment you have to know the other person well. For this, you should use a handy checklist consists of various questions, which you should ask to your dating or hangout partner.

Question 1-Where you want to see yourself in the coming years?

You should never miss asking this question, as it gives an idea about the specific vision and life goals of a person. Also, the answer of this question determines the compatibility of your dating or hangout partner.

Question 2-Which character of Tv show or movie you are identified and why?

This question is perfect to get a picture of an individual that too without hurting his/her ego. We often identify us based on our education, hobbies and jobs. However, this question highlights the identity of a person in the simplest possible way.

Question 3-What about your family relationship with you?

Not all of the individuals are close to their family members. However, depending solely on the way they perceive their family relations, answer to this question highlights many things about a person. In some of the cases, whatever takes place in the person’s family has a huge impact on his/her coming relations.

Question 4-Do you have any other relationship in the past and what causes its break up?

Regardless of your future plans, it is essential for you to stay aware with the individual’s previous relationship. Accordingly, if your dating partner fails to take responsibility and blames the other person, you should stay careful while entering a new relationship with him/her.

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Question 5-What was your wish in your previous birthday or while you threw a coin in a water fountain?

This answer lets you know about their life wishes, which remained unfulfilled and their hope/expectations. The wish may be anything, such as monetary things, materialistic achievements or true love.

Question 6-Whom you had approached in childhood when you were hurt, lonely or scared?

In this situation, if your partner says no one and chooses to deal with stress alone, it indicates that they are competent enough to deal with the present situation and stress-related factors in near future. In contrast, if your partner approached parents for almost everything, you have to think or judge a lot before setting up your new relationship.

Question 7-How much you spend and save from your income?

Finance may cause many big issues in relationship in the near future. Hence, to avoid this, you should ask the question related to savings and expenses from the income in advance. Also, the question is an excellent indicator of the way a person deals with his/her life.

Question 8-What things make you feeling proud a lot?

This question helps you to see what exactly your partner gives value in the life and the way they often spend their spare or leisure time.

With a few simple but important questions, you will easily come up with good judgement of your partner.