Sexual chemistry always involves a juicy yet amazing feeling associated with physical attraction among people. The attraction is magnetic and turns sensory receptors to give positive feelings to a person to make him or her alive. Here, the pull should essentially be touching and close one to caress as well as pleasure one another in an ultimate way. However, the question that comes in mind how one can find perfect sexual chemistry and make it juicy. For this, we have highlighted a few of the tips, as we have discussed in our blog post.

Spend Time for Dates to Identify the Initial Chemistry

You should keep in mind that initial chemistry with a dating partner depends on many things, such as fantasies of any ideal mate, smell, resemblance to either of the parents and similar others. In this situation, if you meet with a good person and he/she has an interest in you, you should give some time to feel the chemistry. One of the best ways to do this is to enjoy some dates with a potential dating partner. You may see him in the element of his choice like playing a music band, communicating with him and similar others. In addition, you should try kissing the person once you find things are igniting.

Make Sure to Give Time for Sex

1. Sexual Chemistry


Once your relationship starts to solidify and grows to reach to the stage of commitment and later on, marriage, you have to cultivate the sexual chemistry and make sure to keep it alive. Healthy couples always need to kindle as well as rekindle the chemistry. This starts with the fulfillment of regular sexual requirements for each other. Healthy couples never let the sexual activity as any one among the connotation list. Instead, you have to dedicate some time for sex regardless of your busy schedule. Otherwise, you will lose your relations.

Include Interesting Items in Your Bedroom to Make the Place Interesting

Whenever we fall in love for the first time, our brain produces a chemical called dopamine. When we involve in any of the novel activities, we keep the infatuation of dopamine to go on consistently. Hence, you should change the places you love, bring changes in the way you set your stage based on candle lighting, flirting, feathers, bubble baths, whipped cream, sexual toys, and sexy outfits or lingerie.

You may have fun by reading magazines, comics, stories or watching various erotic movies together, while share the fantasies with one another. You should start things slowly and mention about your fantasy to your loved person. You should consider the activity as fun or simply as playing games. This will add a strong bonding and gives relaxation with one another. In this way, you will expect to open your doors to achieve higher chemistry.

Make Sure You and Your Partner Both are satisfied

Lastly, you should make sure that your partner and you both should be satisfied whether it is via manually, orally or with intercourse. The satisfaction of sex releases a component called endorphin that helps in elevation of mood and at the same time, reduces the levels of pain and stress both.