Guys, making girls happy is not very challenging. They want simple, small things and will be happy in just those.

Read on to know 10 tips on how to keep your girl happy, and develop a healthy relationship which has room for growth.

  1. Be Attentive

Yes, one of the simplest things that a girl could ask for is your attention. If your partner loves to share tiny details of how her day went, or her thoughts, be attentive and let her know that you’re interested in what she has to say.This simple act will go a long way in making her feel wanted, and for the relationship to be a healthy one.

  1. Make Time For Her

Making time for your girl does not mean spending the entire day with her, but keep her involved by dropping a few messages, letting her know what you’re doing and that you’re thinking of her.Just doing this will make her feel that she matters, and hence feel satisfied in the relationship.

  1. A Dinner Date Always Helps

Plan a surprise dinner date for your partner! Order in, or even better, cook her favourite food for a night in after a long and tiring day.Even if the food isn’t the tastiest, she will definitely appreciate the effort. Pair the food with a nice bottle of creamy red wine and have yourself the perfect end to a long day.

  1. Don’t Shy Away From Showing Affection

People love it when their efforts to look good for their partners are noticed. Don’t hesitate in showering your girl with compliments and telling her you appreciate things she does.Small actions that show care, or even kisses, hugs and holding hands goes a long way.

  1. Plan A Trip Together

It is very easy to get stuck to the same old routine if you’ve been in a relationship for a long time. Be spontaneous and try to bring back the excitement into your relationship by planning an excursion!It doesn’t have to necessarily be someplace far off and extremely expensive. A fun outdoor activity that the two of you can bond over is enough to make her, and by extension, you feel great.

It can be anything from taking a beginner off-roading course  to go on an extremely fun motorcycle ride for couples or going on a long drive to a garden for a small picnic.

6) Bond With Her Friends And Family

One of the nicest things you can do for your girl is show that you’re interested when she talks about her family, and be on nice term with her friends. It will make her feel like you care about the people she cares about, and this will in turn give you a companion for when you want to talk about your friends and loved ones.A bonus to being on good terms with her friends is that they will help you out and explain your point of view when you guys have a fight!

7) Experiment In The Bedroom

If you feel like your time with your S.O in the bedroom is getting more and more routine and less exciting, it is most likely the time to revamp your sex life.

Bringing that old spice back, being open about how you feel and what you are not comfortable with, as opposed to what you really want will really help.

It is always more attractive if people are open and honest about what they feel. Another thing you can do is experiment with other things provided your partner is willing.

Buying interesting lingerie like the retro bullet bras that have recently come back in fashion or a sheer night dress will also help spice things up for you and her alike.

8) Frequently Invest In Tiny And Inexpensive Gifts, Instead Of One Expensive Gift

Instead of waiting to buy a big, expensive gift that is harsh on your pocket, it always helps to buy frequent inexpensive gifts.

These small gestures that can be as simple as buying her a box of chocolates or earrings in her favourite colour will mean more than one big gift given out of compulsion on an anniversary, not to mention the money you’ll save!

Girls don’t want the gift to be expensive, what matters is the intention and emotion behind it.

9) Respect Her Decisions

If she wishes to pay the bill, stay in for the night or to not do something, respect her decisions and let her have her way. At the end of the day, it is important to realise that the both of you need your own space as well, and a healthy relationship is only built on mutual trust and respect.

It is also essential to realise that fights are a part of any healthy relationship, and having fights does not mean that it is time to end the relationship, as long as you emerge out of those fights stronger than you were before.

10) Let Her Know You’re Committed

If you think about how you can improve your relationship, and you spent a lot of time reading this article as well, it is obvious that you care about your girl.

Having conversations about what your relationship is headed towards, and letting her know you’re as invested as her in making this work is always a good thing to do.

Don’t let her feel like other girls are getting your attention more than her, and give and get loyalty in return.