Everyone who has been in a relationship knows that things are not all roses. Add long distance to that, and your love can really be put to the test. However, that doesn’t mean that two people who love each other dearly cannot make a long distance relationship work. Quite the contrary. But, like all great things in life, this too will require some effort on both parts.

Respect and trust

In order to make a long distance relationship work (and any kind of relationship for that matter), you need to respect and trust the other person, but most importantly, you need to respect and trust yourself! A relationship is like a roof. It needs two strong walls to hold it. If both of you are so heavily dependent on each other and feel insecure with yourselves, you’re only going to make one whole wall, or two weak ones. This is not good for the roof. Just like you should do your best to understand the needs and wants of your partner, your partner should understand yours. What’s more, don’t reserve the understanding for your partner only. Your value is not determined by your relationship. You have the right to enjoy things in life that make you happy aside from the relationship as well.

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Engage in hobbies and talk to each other

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, it’s essential that you feel fulfilled with other things in life, aside from love and romance. Of course, there’s nothing more beautiful and fulfilling than love, but you can’t let it take everything else away from you. As time goes by, you won’t feel as happy as you once were. In that respect, it’s essential that both of you allow yourselves time to pursue hobbies and other interests even if they are completely different. The beauty of it all is that neither of you will constantly and unhealthily obsess over what the other party is doing, but enjoy life to the fullest. The important tip here is to share all that you do with each other. By going out and doing things you enjoy, you will always have something amazing to talk to each other about. If you just sit and wait for the call of your significant other, you’ll both get burned out soon.

Never ignore the little things

Big things, no matter how unusual it may sound, can actually be talked about and fixed more effectively than the little things. It’s easier to just ignore the little things, but love isn’t and shouldn’t be that easy. In the end, the little things will pile up and create a burden for your relationship. For a successful long distance relationship, you need to be open with each other and resolve issues as they come up. Even if it’s something small, it’s better to talk about it and fix it as soon as possible in order to maintain the trust and respect you have for each other. If you don’t do this, it’s only natural that the trust issues will arise soon. Or, you may both feel like you’re distancing yourselves from one another.

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Regular Skype dates

Just because you’re not physically right next to each other doesn’t mean that you should let the romance die. Arranging dates is very important and with the technology available these days, it’s pretty simple to stay in touch and enjoy your time TOGETHER. True, Skype dates may not be perfect, but they will still allow you to eat a nice dinner together, and even watch a movie. You may think that this kind of effort is unnecessary if you talk to each other every day already, but every relationship needs something extra special, and dates over Skype can be your special thing until it’s time to get together in person.

Remember that both of you are responsible for making the long distance relationship work. A relationship is an amazingly beautiful thing but it’s also fragile. As it’s something that the two of you create with your own power, it will need that joined power to blossom and grow stronger with time.