We all have denim jackets in closet, well, for a while a now! But, things are different this season. How? You will come across oversized jackets with the worn-in feel of the jeans! It is a perfect time to spin time and bring the classic by pairing it with anything that you like to wear. Of course, you will be picking a few, but if you are not sure about the current trends in the fashion industry, fret not! We are here to help you.

The style tips for starters

So, as you picked the first oversized jacket, here are a few style tips that will help you look cool and chic according to the occasion.

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  1. The simple start: Okay, if it is the first time, you can start it by wearing it on an oversized t-shirt with knee boots. Be the star!
  2. With crop top: Crop top is always a valuable collection in your closet. Using the oversized jacket with a crop top makes it acceptable and more attractive in the winter season!
  3. The comfortable attire: You can try something different with the help of the oversized jacket by wearing it with a sweatshirt, jeans, and a pair of sneakers.
  4. Bringing new textures: An oversized coat is a perfect addition to create a unique taste, such as adding it as a layer over the velvet dress. You can add additional accessories such as platform shoes, hat, oversized round glasses, and gold jewelry if you like!
  5. Pairing with plaid shirts: As like other things in life, an oversized jacket never goes wrong when you pair with a plaid shirt. Make sure you choose the appropriate shirt that goes with the jacket that you own.
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  1. Going sleeveless: It is not the traditional sleeveless we are talking about! Do not misunderstand, but you can throw the jacket around the shoulder without inserting the arms into the sleeves. You can match it up with a pair of t-shirt and jeans, shirt and pant, or a long t-shirt with sneakers or mid-high boots. The choice is yours!
  2. The tuxedo look: Pair the jacket with a crop top. However, roll-up the sleeves until ankle. You are sure going to bring a sexier vibe. Pair it with sneakers for added attraction.
  3. The warmth: Bring warmth by adding layers. The oversized jacket is a fresh looking layer on top of the casual layer of the sweatshirt with a button down. Add a scarf and a pair of trendy sneakers with round glasses for a style statement.
  4. The everyday look: If you wish to keep it simple, then wear the jacket over a plain t-shirt paired with jeans and shoes. Pick appropriate shoes that match with the entire outfit.
  5. The peeking effect: You can create an incredible statement by wearing an oversized shirt or sweater that is longer than the jacket. It allows peeking of the sleeves. Wearing sneakers is a perfect way to create an appearance of your own!
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Oversized jackets are back in town!  Use the styling statements described to create a style statement that best fits an occasion or the need!