Socks are one of the least donated items but simultaneously, the most needed clothing items for every individual. Furthermore, homeless shelters accept only new socks. Indeed, donating socks is a difficult task as compared to the donation of any other used cloth-related items. Positively, the team of Society Socks will help you, as they support the notion that socks should be expressive and bold instead of colorless and dull ones.

How Society Socks Team Works

As a bold company, the team of Society Socks always work to fulfill a social cause. The company launched a simple pair for pair model while selling its socks. Whenever it sells a pair of socks, the website donates another pair to meet charity purposes.

In this way, the team working under the leading brand strive hard to bring positive changes across the world. Other than this, Society Socks highlight an ultimate blend of style and craftsmanship. Thus, they always design socks to help both men and women to reveal their individualities.

Specialties of Custom Socks by Society Socks Brand

  • Inhouse Designer is Available

The brand has its in-house designer to work closely with a client to create a personalized sock design. Even you get free mockups and the design work involves a quick turnaround time.

  • Welcome Your Ideas

The designers of Society Socks always welcome your creative ideas to incorporate them in the final socks’ design.

  • Eliminates Upfront Cost for a Sock Sample

Unlike other clothes brands, Society Socks do not charge any upfront cost to design a sock sample.

Other Benefits to Wear Custom Socks by Society Socks 

  • Keep Feet in Healthy Condition

Wearing custom socks by leading brands prevent any disease, which may infect the feet. For instance, if you are an athlete, your feet require a high level of protection. Thus, Society Socks designers recommend wearing socks to avoid the feet to suffer from any injury, which causes due to friction of one’s feet and the shoes.

  • Keep Your Feet Warm

Cotton and woolen fabric socks are the best options for hot and cold days respectively. Socks protect your body from hypothermia and frostbite, along with other conditions. Thus, make sure to wear clean, dry and heavy socks if you want to get maximum possible benefits by wearing a pair of custom socks.

  • Help in Preventing Odor

While you walk, run or simply sit at a place, your feet become sweaty. Moreover, feet have a relatively higher number of sweat glands to produce a huge amount of sweat. If your feet fail to absorb sweat properly, they become smelly. On the other side, when you wear quality socks by Society Socks, they will help you in absorbing perspiration.

Society Socks’ Attempt towards Bringing Positive Change

Other than donating socks to homeless shelter individuals, Society Socks team is working with many other charity groups to involve in different social communities and in turn, bring a drastic positive change. You just need to take sock subscription from society socks to avail this advantage.

Therefore, with the combination of entrepreneurship, customization and charity, the brand is boosting a feeling of humanity in the society.