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The military jackets are finding a way to the comeback and with plenty of choices. With the right kind of attire, you can quickly put a feminine look or the business outlook that creates a powerful statement. You can keep the things washed out or grungy; the choice is yours. The trends that you see today arrive in different patterns, cuts, washed out modes, and styles. There are plenty and often makes it difficult to pick the appropriate jacket for the need.

The 2019 trend

The 2019 fashion trend is making waves by bringing back the military-style jackets in different patterns and materials. There are endless options that one can choose from! All these give various choices for you to style up with the right kind of accessories that include jewelry, skirts, jeans, sweatshirts, long tees, sneakers, and heavy boots. You can work in a way that you can wear them for everyday life.

The popular style of 2019

Although the comeback made a significant impact, the familiar style that created the buzz is the contrast-sleeve bomber jacket. The street-style coat is simple and goes with anything! Rather than fixing to particular materials, it is always preferable to mix, such as opting for a floral-print skirt or the soft-fabric material. You can wear them with trousers or skinny jeans. Try with asymmetrical dresses, geometric designs, photo print tees, and more! The options that you have are vast. All you ought to do is choose the one that best fits your stats, makes you comfortable, and looks trendy.

Creating the edgy vibe

The comeback of the military-style jackets certainly puts you in the driver’s seat. Creating an edgy vibe is possible with the bomber military jacket when you pair with a below-knee pencil skirt and a classic heel. It not only adds sophistication and oozes the printed elements present on the jacket. The military coats have become a go-to overcoat in 2019. It possesses the possibility to create a sporty vibe and works with anything, including skin tights, skirts, jeans, shorts, and what not!

The “cool” look of an outfit

Fashion director, Kate Dimmock terms the comeback and use of the jacket as a perfect and official way to add the “cool” does to an outfit. The primary colors, the black and brown or suede are appealing in leather. However, one can try with other patterns and materials such as the satin bomber in a stronger design that exhibits the strength of the individual. Further, with the spring here, you can see masculine and feminine combinations where you can pick a floral military jacket with lace! You can wear them to create an athletic vibe.

Dimmock further states that shifting to the military styled jackets is a perfect answer for professionals (the blazer). You can change the way how you look in your office attire. Its modern and gives the chance to go anywhere with anything! For the professional outfit, it is preferable to pick something light in color and weight such as cotton sateen or silk.


Fashion often finds pieces from the past. The military jackets that protected the fighters once turned into a functional, fashionable, and fun coats.