Well, we have always wanted to have the attraction, and indeed became successful by trying out bizarre things. The same is applicable when it comes to fashion, especially hairstyle. Unlike women, most men prefer to have short hair, which reduced the preferences or the styles that they can try out and have a new look. So, if you are one of those who is willing to experiment, then we give you the top ten short hairstyles for men.

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  1. Angular fringe cut

Angular fringe emerged as a hot and notable hair cut for men in 2014. One can achieve this by tapered sides, keep the top layer long, and cut at a particular angle.

  1. Caesar cut

Caesar cut is a modern buzz cut among men and the professionals too! The short length of the hair makes it simple to maintain and even spike as necessary.

  1. Casual cut

The casual cut is a classic and looks good on everyone. Very similar to slicked back appearance, one can achieve it through the application of gel or using a round brush. The hair remains longer on the top and shorter on the sides.

  1. Brushed up cut

The hair on the side and the back are short in comparison to the top. It is a classic and even applicable to the shorter version.

  1. Side part Pompadour cut

The side part pompadour cut is a comeback. It has a history and saw many occasions where the hair length was either short or long on the top. Choosing the cut depends on the face cut, speaking of which, it is suitable for long faced individuals.

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  1. Short back and sides cut

The short back and sides cut with an extended layer on the top sweeps the entire head that gradually tapers to a point at the front. The choice of hairstyle is an excellent choice for those who wish to add uniqueness to their appearance.

  1. The side part cut

The side part cut is the current trend and considered as sexy for all men. However, it looks fabulous with men having long hair, as the cut offers enough area to sweep the top layer. Only one side of the head undergoes the cut. By using gel or a brush, one can sweep the remaining hair to the opposite side.

  1. Simple short cut

The simple short cut keeps the sides short with the top having a little longer hair. It is a pleasing choice for those who wish to have a no-fuss hairstyle, and the freedom to play with their hair according to the situation.

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  1. Slicked back cut

The slicked back cut has the back and the sides short with the top layer a little longer. It makes it easy to create the slicked back look using a brush or by applying a gel. It is also helpful in creating spikes or bedhead appearance within a few minutes.

  1. Undercut variation

The undercut variation is still in demand even in 2017. As you can see from the title, the style has variations, and there is no precise definition. It has endless irregularities, disconnections, and crazier fades.

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