Growing and maintenance of beard needs masochism to some extent and lots of patience. However, merely patience is not enough; instead, you have to take proper care of your beard. In this blog post, you will get grooming tips and certain product recommendations to grow your beard properly and maintain it for a long time.

Wash Your Beard Occasionally

Washing the beard for 2times to 3times in one week will help you in staving off the problem of itchiness and retain its smoothness as similar to sanded wood. However, you should avoid traditional body soaps to apply in your beard, as it may dries out to cause irritation and itchiness. A few of the conditioners and shampoos work well but to go with the best, you should choose the right beard wash and later on, apply suitable beard oil.

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Use of Beard Oil

Oil not only moisturizes the below skin and hair to reduce dandruff and irritation, but also makes your beard soft and gives you styling control to some extent. To grow your beard and get the best results, you should apply beard oil of good quality just after you take shower or wash your face. During this time, the pores become open and the beard absorbs the oil well.

Follow a Good Lifestyle

Even though the growth of hair and beard is a genetic factor, you may encourage the healthy growth of hair to some extent by getting enough sleep, eat healthy foods and take regular exercise. In simple words, you have to follow a healthy lifestyle by avoiding junk foods, cigarette smoking and alcohol intake.

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Look for a Good Quality of Beard Trimmer

Availing the right set of tools to shave your beard is very much essential to grow a beard. An important tool to do so is a good quality of beard trimmer i.e. the one, which equips with different attachments. These are varieties of cutting heads, guards and similar others. Beard trimmers have diverse adjustment levels according to the length and height of the blades. Hence, you have to select the one, which matches perfectly according to the precision of your beard. Along with a beard trimmer, you should get a good quality of beard comb, a mirror and a pair of trimming scissors.

Trim the Cheeks Properly

You should trim the cheeks properly to give a perfect shape to your beard. However, you should strictly avoid overdoing it. Instead, you should use razor blades for wrangling a few stragglers, which wander towards north. If your beard style is almost similar to Chewbacca type of beard, you have to take a few of the additional measures. Depending on the situation, you should also shave the cheek hair even when it is below your nose.

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Identify the Shape of Your Beard

While defining your beard, there is no hard and fast rule to select the best beard style. Rather, you have to choose the beard shape according to your style, your attitude and your face. However, experts helping you to grow beard recommend you to clean up across the edges so that it appears as you are intentional towards your beard. One of the best ways to keep you semi-presentable at the time of cultivating the beard is to avoid any type of dreaded neck beard. You should trim your beard up to only one inch above the Adam’s apple only to retain the depth associated with growth of your beard.

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