It’s a beautiful day, and you’re feeling beautiful as well. You fish out your smartphone and ask your friend to snap a picture-perfect portrait of you glowing brightly and flashing that glistening smile of yours.

The definition of beauty is never complete without those pearly white teeth. Today’s culture is increasingly fascinated with teeth that are white as snow. Unlike with makeups which can promise and deliver results within hours of proper application, whitening the teeth isn’t the same story.

It’s even more of a struggle that teeth naturally turn yellowish, especially with age and years of coffee and tea consumption. In concerns about whitening your teeth, the best option would be to consult a licensed dentist. But there exist professional teeth whitening kits, such as the ones from, that allows you to do it yourself safely and virtually free from pain.

In getting that perfect white glow, here’s a rundown of 4 tips to whitening your teeth:

  1.  Practice good oral hygiene

It’s important to note that it is really impossible to whiten your teeth without having good oral hygiene. Remember to brush those pearls right after every meal, especially sweets and sugary food. Brush your tongue as well, and go the extra mile and floss out those food remains stuck in-between teeth that the toothbrush could not reach. Not only will this practice help in teeth whitening, but also protect the overall integrity of them by slowing down their decay and hindering the accumulation of plaque and bacteria that can cause cavities. Make this a habit, and even when in the office or traveling, have a travel toothbrush ready.

  1.  Drop the teas

Some beverages we all love and delight in are actually not so friendly with our teeth. Coffee and tea causes stains and wear down the enamel, which intensifies the yellowing. Some suggest that using a straw such that these drinks make no direct contact with the teeth can help mitigate the effects of coffee and tea if unavoidable. Sodas and wine can also cause stains so you might want to consider them as well. As mentioned earlier, it helps to brush your teeth after drinking such beverages. Cut back on your coffee and tea consumption.

  1.  Ditch the smoke

Tobacco and tar from cigars and cigarettes also have a detrimental effect on the health of the teeth. Cut back on smoking if you want to achieve whiter teeth, not to mention healthy lungs and a healthy body by extension. Don’t be deceived by vaping as well, as most, if not all, e-liquids stain the teeth as well when the juice sticks to the teeth and turn to gunk.

  1.  Watch your diet

A diet high in fruits and vegetables may be good for the teeth (and the body as well). Many claim that fruits such as pineapples and strawberries whiten teeth. Consider also diet high in calcium, as these strengthen the enamel and slow down their erosion. As much as possible, avoid processed foods, especially the ones high in acid because they break down the enamel.

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