Hair always gives a first impression of who an individual really is. It doesn’t matter someone’s preference on how their hair looks like; what really matters is that the hair is well maintained and looks well groomed. An individual can opt to have it clean shaven, short, plaited or just held neatly together. To get the perfect hair, these are some of the tips and tricks that any woman could put into consideration:

1. Shampooing the hair

When wrongly used on hair, shampoo could cause hair breakage. The first step involves wetting the hair thoroughly to ensure every strand will get a clean wash; the amount of shampoo also matters. Don’t use too much or less of it. The amount of shampoo used is directly proportional to the size of the hair.

Also,  ensure that the scalp is given special attention. Ample time should be given to the scalp. The pads of the fingers should be used. Never use nails since one could injure the scalp. Also, the scrubbing should be done in a circular motion to enhance blood circulation. It doesn’t matter the size of the hair, the scalp always accumulates dirt and if not well done, itching could be felt one day after washing the hair. One should also rinse the hair thoroughly. An unrinsed shampoo is unhealthy to the hair since it causes hair to build up.

Always make sure that the hair conditioner is applied. The best way to put in the conditioner is by applying it to the upper part of the hair and leaving the scalp untouched. After this, one can use a wide-toothed comb to avoid any tangles. This kind of comb also prevents hair breakage. The conditioner should also be washed off.

The final step in washing the hair has a cold rinse. Cold water is known to bring a shiner look on the hair. The science behind this is that cold water shrinks the hair cuticles making them reflect more light; hence appearing bright.

2.Coloring your own hair at home

In the world today, women have been given a variety of hair color to choose from depending on their tastes and preferences. One is therefore not bound to their original hair color. If one is not sure about the hair color, they may take the option of trying it on a few hidden strands. Making a blunder on a few strands is way better than having a whole head disappointing you.

It is advisable that if one should wear something, then it should be an old cloth in case of any mess. To avoid having colored foreheads, one can apply solid oil on the hairline. When using dye, always start from the bottom as you move upwards since the roots require most of the hair color. To have a clean application, a color brush could be recommended since it will ensure even distribution of color on the hair.

3.Detangling your hair

Entangled hair is very stressful. This is a headache especially to women with coarse or curly hair. Using the wrong method could lead to hair breakage especially the weak edges. The reasons for entangling hair include split ends, dehydrated ends or rough handling of the hair.

For the dehydrated ends, one could buy a hair mask or trim them off. Another way to handle detangled hair is by combing it in sections. The disadvantage of combing the hair in no particular order is breaking through all the edges and causing massive destruction to the edges.

4.Trimming the hair

For healthy growth of human hair, it is advisable that one trims off the bangs after about five weeks. Trimming off edges speeds up growth since the hair is rejuvenated from the old stagnant position. Though trimming is offered free in most salons, an individual ought to learn to do this important task on their own. It is advisable that hair scissors are used.

The best trick in trimming is ensuring your hair is completely dry, and the hair strands are completely visible. When the hair is wet, most of the weak ends are hidden, and one may end up cutting off hair instead of the edges.

5.Apply avocado on your hair

Avocado is rich in proteins and vitamins.  The purposes of avocado on the scalp is moisturizing the hair and speeding up hair growth. Furthermore, avocado gives healthy hair with lots of volume. With its soothing nature, avocado prevents dandruff.

6.Use quality hair clippers on your hair.

Women have adopted the culture of cutting their hair. Some visit the barber shop whereas others do it at home. Best hair clippers at, one can get the best quality hair clippers for all their buzzcuts. There are all types of them based on preference and cost.

It is essential that hair is well taken care of since it defines an individual. Besides, hair enhances the beauty of a woman. The fact remains, a woman’s beauty is synonymous to her hair.