Are you a big coffee drinker that just can’t quit the habit even though your teeth are getting a bit stained? Well, you’re not the only one. However, we have some good news for you. Sometimes you don’t need to invest in expensive toothpaste and whitening strips, you just need to pick the right shade of lipstick! Yes, you read that right, so let’s see what’s this all about.

Science, girl!


You’ve probably seen pro makeup artists using green primers to hide the redness of the face or peach concealers to correct that bluish color of veins under the eyes. The same is with your teeth and lipstick. Lipsticks in warm tones will neutralize cool tones in teeth and bring out the warm yellow even more. On the other hand, lipsticks with blue tones will make your teeth look whiter and brighter. This is all happening because of the color wheel. Because blue is placed opposite orange and yellow, these colors tend to neutralize each other when put side by side. Long story short, blue tones in lipsticks will make yellow in your teeth less visible. If you want to know what shades will make your teeth appear whiter, take a look at the little guide below.


Red 2

Red lipsticks either lean on blue, pink or orange. Blue tones will make your teeth look whiter and brighter, pink tones will look neutral, while orange tones will, unfortunately, make your teeth appear more yellow. If you want to play it safe, you can opt for the scarlet hue that will not only make your teeth whiter, but it also goes well with any skin tone. Another thing you can remember is that glossy formulas also add to the brightness of your teeth, while matte lipsticks make the look a little dull.



Pink is a little trickier but essentially works according to the same principles. If you can, always choose pink with bluish undertones rather than yellow. Again, you can play it safe with softer berry pinks that will make your teeth appear a little whiter.



Nude lipstick is probably the hardest one to pick for whiter teeth, because they usually lean either brown or peach and both of these shades will make your teeth look more yellow. If you can, always opt for a pinky shade of nude. As long as you stick to a little cooler pink tones, your teeth will look much better.

Dark shades

Dark shades 1

Unless you have perfectly white teeth, dark shades will usually make them look a little yellow. However, you can pull that off as well if you choose the shade that leans towards pink rather than brown. Pink undertones will certainly make your teeth look less yellow than brown undertones. But, if you’re in love with all sorts of dark colors and really want to wear them, you can always get your teeth whitened. You can pay a visit to an orthodontist in Sydney who will skillfully whiten your teeth, so you don’t have to worry about wearing a dark purple lipstick.


If you want to have a million dollar smile, better avoid orange, neons and frosty shimmers. Even though orange has never been more popular, it will certainly make your teeth more yellow. Because neon colors make things around them seem more dull, the same with happen with your teeth. A little bit of shimmer can look great, but too much will, unfortunately, make your lips appear white which will make your teeth look yellow.

Now you will be able to get a radiant smile simply by applying the right lipstick. Remember that these tips are not written in stone, and as long as you’re confident in your style, don’t let anyone tell you what you can and cannot put on your lips.

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