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The major problem with the fashion industry lies in the fact that it’s incredibly competitive, however, there’s a silver lining here as well. Think about it, even if there are some rivalries in the world of fashion, people are nowhere nearly as exclusive to a single brand as in other industries. An iPhone user is bound to stick to iPhones and never get an Android in their life, but is a woman in Louboutin shoes bound to never buy Tom Ford’s? That idea alone is quite preposterous. This is quite fortunate for those who are just entering the industry, so here are some brand promotion suggestions to give them an additional edge.

Influencer marketing

The world of fashion is all about celebrities, influencers and personal brands. In other words, the value of mentions is measured in quality and not in quantity, and a single influencer (even a micro-influencer) can turn the tables. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that A-list celebrities usually aren’t willing to work for free, seeing as how their social media influence is their bread and butter. Still, for those who can afford such a thing, this leverage can give an outstanding ROI. The perfect way of how this works, albeit in the sports apparel industry, can be seen by the example of Under Armour and their success story.


Try storytelling

Previously, we’ve suggested that you read into the story of Under Armour. Chances are that those who did follow through with this now think a tad more fondly of the brand than they did before. There’s no reason why this wouldn’t work for you as well. Nonetheless, you need to learn how to tell this story as efficiently as possible. First of all, you need to tell it like a story about an underdog (to some degree, this will certainly be true). This will make your brand appear much more relatable. Second, you need to ensure that the customer is the protagonist and not the brand.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a slogan

The next thing you need to understand is that the importance of a slogan in the fashion industry can’t be stressed enough. Think about it: “The shoes to live in”, “Every kiss begins with Kay” and “Clothes that mean business” are just some of the slogans by major companies in the fashion industry. They don’t only stand to be witty and catch attention but also to promote your corporate values. This alone is something worth careful consideration.

Avoiding the guesswork

The biggest problem with art-like fields, such as fashion, lies in the fact that subjectivity makes a huge part of the end result. You, as a person directly involved, might be incredibly biased towards your products, your campaign and, overall, the moves that you make on an external market. Even when listening to others speaking, you’re bound to interpret this in the way that suits you the most. The best way to go around this is with the help of an extensive social mention monitoring effort. This will give you a much better way of really learning where your brand stands and making necessary alterations in order to improve the efficiency of its promotion.

Guerilla marketing

Another thing you need to understand is the fact that guerilla marketing provides you with a subtle method of promoting your business in an effortless manner. Most importantly, it allows you to break the barrier between the physical and the digital world. It’s no secret that Instagram is one of the most predominant platforms in the fashion industry. So, why not exploit this idea by creating an incredible piece of branded street art that people are bound to post on their account, tagging you in the process. Needless to say, this passively turns them into brand ambassadors without them even knowing it.

A giveaway campaign


Let’s be realistic for a moment and admit that everyone likes giveaways. In fact, the very purpose of marketing is to generate loyalty and the only way people are going to be loyal (without already buying from you) is if they get something of value in return. Of course, there are other ways to generate value, yet, neither of them is as simple and straightforward as a giveaway campaign.

Keep in mind, nonetheless, that building brand recognition and brand awareness take time. Moreover, take into consideration that some brands that are your potential competitors may have been in the industry for years and decades. Therefore, take things slowly and don’t get discouraged if the immediate results aren’t what you’ve hoped they would be. Success takes time and nowhere is this as transparent as in the fashion industry.