We totally understand how difficult it is for us girls to pick that one perfect dress. But picking the right bra with it is another task altogether. A bra can make or break the look of your gorgeous dress. So, here’s a complete guide on types of bra you can pick for different styles of dresses.

  1. T-shirt bra for bodycon dress

Let’s start with the very basic. A bodycon dress or a fitted top is a good-to party option for a lot of girls. Such outfits cling to the body and tend to accentuate your curves and bosoms like no other outfit. Therefore it becomes very important to pick the right bra for it; otherwise your bra lines & nipples can end up making you feel embarrassed.

bra 1

A seamless T-shirt bra is what you need for such body-hugging outfits. A t-shirt bra is designed with padded cups that protect your modesty and gives your breasts a rounder and fuller shape under fitted clothes. Also, the cups are plain & seamless without any texture, embossed print or stitching so that no impression is visible on the outside.

  1. Strapless bra for tube dress

Strapless or off-shoulder dresses are quite trendy these days. But visible bra straps can ruin the look and can make your outfit look tacky. There are two ways of handling this ugly situation.

bra 2

First, you can try attaching transparent straps to your bra. This trick works pretty decently, but the clear straps are shiny enough to be easily spotted. Also, a lot of women find such straps hurtful. Second option, which is the best one in my opinion are strapless bras. They usually come with detachable straps to increase the versatility of your bra. You can either wear it with straps like a T-shirt bra under a bodycon dress or wear without the straps under a tube dress. Such bras have silicon taping on the edges to give you a good hold, along with side boning for a snug fit. Now you can flaunt those collar bones like never before!

  1. Plunge bra for plunge dress

Those dresses with a sexy deep V-neckline can make any woman imagine her wearing it. They are super-sexy and so in vogue. But, but, but – it needs to be paired with a bra that gives good support and adequate coverage. Coverage just enough to cover your bosoms and not show under your dress making it look ugly.

bra 3

Plunge bras to the rescue, these bras are crafted with demi coverage cups that provide you with just the right amount of coverage. The neckline is pretty deep extending all the way to your under bust. At times such bras come with a convenient front opening that sits low on the bustline. This style flaunts your cleavage and keeps you covered without spoiling your glam look.

  1. Balconette Bra for wide neck dress

If you have a dress that has a broad neckline what bra type would you pick? At times, the necklines are so wide that it shows your bra straps from the side.  We are sure you won’t want to flaunt your bra straps, not this way!

bra 4

Pick a balconette bra for such styles. A balconette style has wide set straps that sit neatly under your broad neckline outfits and never show their existence. They always have demi coverage cups that highlight your cleavage and give an illusion of fuller breasts.

  1. Multiway bra for halter/ one shoulder dress

These days the fashion industry is flooded with trendy dresses that can be very tricky when it comes to picking the right bra. We are talking about halters, one shoulder, criss-cross back, racerback and many such styles.

bra 5

A convertible or a multiway bra is what you need. It works best for all these tricky styles. It comes with detachable straps and a cup shape that compliments all such dress styles. You can detach and rearrange the straps to match you outfits.

  1. Low back convertor for backless dress

Backless dresses or low back dresses are so red carpet-like. They look absolutely gorgeous as evening dresses. But if your bra hooks are showing at the back, it’s going to make you look from fab to drab.

bra 6

Worry not! We’ve got exactly what you need. You can enjoy the comfort and support of your favourite bra without any visible bra hooks. You need a low back convertor straps, just attach it to the end of your bra hook wrap it around your tummy and hook it back again. This way make your bra stay low on the back and yet keep you supported and covered on the front.

  1. Pasties for slip dress

Slip dresses are every girl’s summer staple. They are effortlessly chic, casual and comfortable. With delicate noodle straps it gives a feminine feel and their light-weight fabric keeps you easy-breezy. Most of us ladies share a love-hate relationship with bras and especially in summers we all just hate wearing one. Just the thought of an additional clothing and irritating boob sweat can make you feel uneasy. But skipping a bra isn’t the best option for women, especially for ones blessed with assets.

bra 7

What works in such cases our pasties or nipple covers. They protect your modesty in such summery styles.

  1. Racerback bra for sporty outfits

Most of the sports or athleisure wear are designed with a racerback bra. Visible bra straps don’t really cool with it but what actually looks great it a racerback bra or a sports bra. In fact, these days a lot of casual dresses come with a racerback design.

bra 8

This bra style compliments racerback outfits perfectly stay hidden underneath.

  1. Pro Style Tip

If you plan to wear a white outfit- top, dresses, pants whatever, always make sure you wear nude lingerie. Yes that’s fashion rule #1 nudes for white and lights. The reason being that if you wear a nude-coloured bra under a white top is less likely to show as compared to a white bra under a white top. The closer the shade is to your skin the better it is for you.  Apply the same logic as picking the right shade of foundation.

bra 9

Now that you have a detailed knowledge of what type of bra should be worn under what type of outfit there’s another important thing that you might be missing out on. Did you know 80% of women wear the wrong size bra and suffer a lot of issues? Picking the right size of bra plays a major role in giving you the perfect silhouette & improves your posture. Take a quick fit size and check your correct bra size using a bra size calculator.