Introduction to Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem among many women and men today. Hair fall or hair loss may take place because of many reasons from deficiency of specific vitamins to genetic problems, along with hormonal changes. In addition, hair loss may take place because of specific medical conditions, including thyroid problems, especially hypothyroid condition.

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Natural Remedies to Deal with Hair Loss

Latest research studies have shown few of the natural herbs and herbal oils as helpful in slowing the rate of hair loss or promoting the growth of new hair. Accordingly-

Hair Tonics or Hair Oils

Hair tonics or hair oils refer to herbal extracts mixed in a specific carrier oil base. Few of the hair oils also contain multiple carrier oils and herbs. Popular carrier oils responsible to make herbal oils are sweet almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, walnut oil, jojoba oil, mineral oil, and wheat germ oil.

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Details on Herbs Found in Herbal Hair Oils

Herbal hair oils have proved to be beneficial in preventing hair loss because of the presence of following natural herbs.

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Chinese Hibiscus

Chinese hibiscus is one of the evergreen shrubs. It has vibrant and edible flowers used to prepare herbal tea. Hibiscus has proved to be helpful in the stimulation of hair follicles, increase in the size of follicle and increase in hair growth.

Coat Buttons

Coat buttons is a type of creeping Ayurvedic herb and it belongs to the daisy family. The herb contains the necessary antioxidants to promote the growth of hair on its own as well as in synergy with several other natural herbs.


Brahmi or Bacopa is another creeping herb used primarily in the preparation of Ayurveda medicines. The herb contains alkaloids and is proved to be beneficial to trigger proteins required for the growth of smooth and silky hair.

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Jatamansi is one of the small shrubs and it has rhizomes to help in speeding up the hair growth. The herb has proved to be beneficial in increasing the hair growth in case of alopecia caused due to chemotherapy treatment.


For a long time, Ginseng has proved to be one of the excellent natural remedies to treat hair fall or hair loss and several other conditions. The specialty of this herb lies in the fact that it has saponins to encourage the hair growth simply with the inhibition of 5a reductase i.e. a particular type of enzyme related to hair fall problems in men.