Although most brides prefer to have their wedding during the spring and summer, winter weddings have the potential to be beautiful and utterly magical. 

The chance of snow providing a white blanket and the cold air that drives people to seek warmth all serve to make the winter season a special time of the year. 

There are still plenty of ways to style your wedding in a classy and elegant way that will leave your guests in awe using a winter theme. 

Listed below are seven styling ideas for a beautiful winter wedding; 

Use a white and blue colour palette 

Nothing says ice and snow better than frosty white and icy blue. You can give your wedding a snowy and icy feel by making white your primary colour, using it for your dress, bouquet and decorations. 

Make different shades of blue your accent colour and use it in your place settings, dinnerware and bridal party dresses. You can even channel your inner ice queen in a white wedding gown with light blue accents. 

Use dark colours

Although winter is considered a dark time of the year, you can set a cozy feel for your wedding by using deep colours like burgundy, deep red and purple with touches of light colours such as silver, pink and light green. 

The essential tip to follow is to ensure that the elements with darker shades are not too much so as not to overpower the accents of brighter colours, thereby making your wedding space appear dark and gloomy. 

Incorporate plants into your decor and stationery

Pinecones, fir, holly and other plants are great elements that can be added to all aspects of a wedding. 

You can emboss pictures of a fir tree or mistletoe on your invitations, place cards and seating charts. Coloured or white-tipped pinecones, small branches of fir and succulent berries will look elegant on centerpieces and cakes.

Provide ways to keep your guests warm

The winter season is a cold time of the year, so it is a good idea to provide various ways by which your guests can keep warm, even if you are holding your wedding indoors. 

Create hot chocolate or apple cider stands with different flavours and toppings and provide blanket stations for your guests. You can even place witty sayings that match the theme of your wedding on these stations. 

Use crystals and glitter 

You can decide to create the appearance of snowflakes inside your wedding venue by using crystals on the drapes, light fixtures, and centerpieces. Use stringed crystals as a backdrop of falling snow or hang them on a bunch of greenery to imitate icicles. 

Bridesmaid dresses, tablecloths, and desserts can have a dusting of glitter to create an illusion of snowflakes. There is absolutely no limit to how you can incorporate the snow into your wedding. 

Use candles

Using candles in a wedding space radiates an elegant and classy feel. Long tapered candles can be used as part of backdrops or placed prominently on tables. 

The candle holders can be customized to match the wedding theme by painting them or attaching strips of greenery. You can also decide to use unique pieces such as bottles, cups and wood as candle holders. 

Use Christmas decorations 

Using Christmas decorations for your wedding does not necessarily mean that your wedding will look like an extravagant holiday party. The key here is to incorporate the Christmas elements with other forms of decorations, thereby giving your wedding a holiday vibe without overpowering it. 

Garlands of fir and berries, miniature reindeers and sleighs can be used as place settings, cake holders and centerpieces. They can also be placed along the aisle and on the back of guests’ chairs.

Although all these ideas can be carried out as DIY projects, it is advisable for brides-to-be to hire a professional wedding stylist

There are a lot of things to do for a wedding party to come together perfectly and choosing to do them on your own will not only be very stressful, but you also might not be able to portray your ideas the way you envisioned them successfully. 

Hiring a wedding stylist is a good way to ensure that you have the wedding day of your dreams.