Having a bad hair day? What about a bad hair life?

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Lots of people hate their hair and would trade it in for anyone else’s in an instant. You’re not alone there.

If its greasy, grey, frizzy, dull, full of dandruff, or falling out; it happens to everyone and there’s seemingly nothing you can do to stop it.

Well, not so fast.

There are remedies to counteract almost any common hair problems. Home remedies and new technology are working in conjunction to help reverse the damage we’ve done to our hair.

Here’s a guide on how to deal with your hair problems.

Hair Problems and What to Do About Them

There are answers to the questions you seek. These are the most common hair problems in men and women. Big, bad problems that many of which, up until recently, had no solutions. But fear not, it’s 2019 and the cosmetic scientists are here to save us. We’ll be pretty forever…

Hair Loss

Need we say more? Hair loss is obviously the biggest problem with hair. It’s a problem insofar as you won’t have hair if you don’t solve the problem.

Hair loss can be the byproduct of many different things. Most commonly, it’s a part of the aging process or your genetic makeup.

There are other, more serious reasons for hair loss. Hormonal problems, iron deficiency and pregnancy can all result in hair loss.

People have tried many home remedies to put a stop to hair loss. Rubbing sesame seed oil, coconut oil, and essential oils are all recommended methods to slow hair loss. Exercise is also suggested to slow down hair loss, as it stimulates blood flow to the scalp.

If these methods don’t work, no worries. Father time and mother nature’s cruel reign over our scalps is nearly over. Hair transplant surgery is at its all-time peak. Places like FUE Hair Transplant are bringing men and women’s hair back from the dead with regularity, and we couldn’t be happier.

Grey Hair

You’ll find out as you get older that your hair is a casualty of stress and the process of getting older. The melanin in our hair follicles just can’t handle the constant barrage of DNA damage that life throws at it and instead of coming out blonde, brown, black and red, the hair comes out silver, grey and white.

This isn’t always a bad thing. For some, grey hair is just a sign of distinction and experience. For the rest of us, it’s a constant reminder that the unstoppable force of time is dragging us on the back of its ever-accelerating freight train to the afterlife.

You might only have one of those life things, so if you want to keep your hair color, stop smoking and stay hydrated. It’ll improve blood circulation in your scalp. Also, get more copper, iodine, protein, and B12 in your diet to slow the greying.


Dandruff is a common issue for most people. It’s usually associated with having a dry or scaly scalp. It can also be the result of oily, greasy hair which we’ll talk about later.

If your head isn’t getting “fresh air” or air circulation, ie. if you wear a hat all the time, dandruff is the result. If you’re stressed out or experience a wild climate change, dandruff is the result. Basically, dandruff is the result of pretty much anything where your head isn’t being cleaned properly.

There are a few home remedies to resolve dandruff that don’t include anti-dandruff shampoo. Mix 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seed powder with 3 tablespoons of lemon juice then rub it on your scalp and leave it for 25 minutes. Do this once every 10 days and you’ll start seeing results soon.

If you have persistent dandruff, consult a doctor. There are prescription anti-dandruff shampoos that are healthier than regular shampoos that are marketed as anti-dandruff.

Greasy Hair

The scalp is constantly producing oils from the sebaceous gland, which keeps the skin lubricated. Sometimes these oils get, let’s say, overproduced and under-cleaned. Greasy hair looks dull and unmanageable.

To get a handle on your greasy hair, use a mild shampoo that controls sebum.

Damaged Hair

Hair gets damaged from all of the things we invented to keep from having “bad hair days”. Believe it or not, blow drying, straightening, highlighting, and curling are all pretty bad for your hair’s health as they cause heat damage.

Split ends are the result of the heat damage from all of this styling. Use conditioner, avoid towel drying, and use a gentle brush on your hair to treat split ends.

Washing your hair too much, using bad shampoo, poor nutrition, and medications are all contributors to damaged hair. One of the easiest things to keep this from happening is to stop washing your hair every day, however, you should use conditioner every day to reverse the damage.

Dull Hair

What if your hair is just…dull?

Dull hair comes from living in the world. The everyday pollution, dirt, and dust that attacks your head every day leaves your hair looking worse for wear.

Again, your hair needs moisture and we associate youthfulness with shiny, silky-smooth hair. The dirt gets in and disrupts the cuticles in your hair, and you get that blah look. Here are a couple of home remedies for dull hair.

Mixed fresh-squeezed lemon juice with water and massage your head with it. Leave it for a few minutes then wash it out. It should leave your hair bouncy and shiny.

You can also try massaging your hair with warm coconut oil. Then dip a towel in hot-ish water and wrap it around your head for 30 minutes. The hot towel will force the oil to penetrate the scalp. Wash it out with warm water after, and admire the shine!

All’s Hair in Love and War

You’ve got enough things to worry about in 2019, you don’t need to be at war with your hair. Most of these hair problems can be resolved with a small shakeup in the way that you treat it. But some require damage control, so you’ll need to take the treatment more seriously.

Remember, it’s just hair. Everyone in the world is going through the same thing as you so don’t stress about it. Plus, stress is horrible for your hair, as we’ve learned.

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