Most of the women and young girls face different problems, during their menstruation or pre menstruation time. These include worsening of cramps and PMS, increase in irritability, infertility and many more. In addition, few women also deal with few common health issues, like fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and similar others. In this situation, being a woman, it is essential to stay mindful about the natural process of the body and thereby, to nurture it during the entire process. For this, women should know about 5 important things to take care during your menstruation periods.

  1. Give Some Time for Rest of the Body

Body of a female faces many things in the first day of menstruation cycle. Thus, it is essential to recognize what exactly the body would likely face by allowing it to have some rest. Even if you have to do some activities on your first day, it is essential for you to put some efforts and opt to take rests in any possible moment you get time. In addition, you should make sure of taking rest for more time after your lunch and other necessary breaks, while give extra time in your day for meditation and strictly avoid doing additional errands.

  1. Do Exercises of Low Intensity

After this, during your menstruation periods, especially on first day, you should opt for low-intensity of cardio exercises or simply go for relaxing walks. You should never opt to strain your body; instead, do passive types of workouts and stretching, as in case of Yin Yoga, which are of gentle in nature. These activities are essential during initial few days of your monthly periods, as the body does many things during the beginning stage.

  1. Consume Foods Rich in Iron

As you lose quite amount of blood during menstruation, it is essential to consume food items, which possess iron in relatively high amount. Even you should start consuming foods containing high amounts of iron, such as green and leafy veggies (spinach), red meats and seaweed from your PMS duration only. In this way, you will prepare your body for that you would loss during menses. Along with this, many women also face cravings towards sweets, chocolates and other sugary items during their menses and PMS. This indicates the need of necessary nutrients for the body. Hence, you should be sure of taking juicy fruits and veggies rich in both iron, vitamins and magnesium, where iron and other vitamins, as mentioned before helps in recovery of body cause due to blood loss and magnesium puts a control on your cravings.

  1. Take Hot and Sooth Bath

You should take a hot and a sooth bath for few times or only once during your menses week. In this case, you should use necessary oils and bath salts. If possible, you may also choose to play soothing music and simply soak. All these activities would help you to get some relaxations and at the same time, help in soothing pains, aches and cramps (if any), which you may have.

  1. Journal and Reflect Time

During menstruation, communication between right and left part of the brain’s hemisphere becomes relatively more powerful than during other times of any month. This results in receiving more messages from instincts and intuition, which sometimes also cause irritation in minds. In order to avoid or minimize such problems, one should dedicate time for studying journals and doing some meditations. In this way, you would be able to find yourself as reaching towards happy and relaxing moments, get many innovative yet creative ideas or get solutions to many questions, which you were contemplating on for about weeks.