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Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful things that can happen to women. It’s just not about changing in shape and size but even behavior, attitude, priorities, and lifestyle also change. Along with that one important aspect in pregnancy is the food habits. When a woman is pregnant, she will keep craving for different dishes.

That’s normal but taking care of food habit is totally necessary. Pregnancy is a delicate phase in any women’s life. Regular diet should be carefully and properly handled in all nine months.  In the house of any pregnant lady, her kitchen has to be filled with healthy fruits. Fruits are amazingly healthful during pregnancy and they are jam-packed with vitamins, minerals etc. though some fruits like papaya and pine apple should be avoided, since they posses miscarriage or health risk. So, it’s better to be alert and know which fruits to eat during pregnancy. Check out the list of fruits and their importance during pregnancy


the green avocados benefits in multiple ways during pregnancy. Since a baby in mother’s womb need folic acid for growth of proper organs. Deficiency in folic acid may cause bone deformities in baby. And avocados contain loads of folic acid so, a mother need to consume it.


the summer mangoes richly filled with iron, vitamin c, vitamin a, vitamin b6, potassium, folic acid. These are essentials nutrients for the pregnant lady. It also helps to deal with constipation which is common problem in pregnancy.


grapes have various advantages and should be consuming during pregnancy. They help in regulating mother’s metabolism, makes the babies eyes sharper and better the nerve system. Grapes have potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and sodium.

Sweet lime

sweet lime, the citrus fruit is filled with antioxidants and it good for baby’s health. It helps in dealing with normal health problems, reducing nausea and morning sickness, vomiting, constipation etc.


lemon extract helps in tackling many health issues during pregnancy like it act as a natural remedy when it comes to immune system. It is even a mild detoxification agent. It decreases the growth of bacteria and stimulates liver to function properly. It is good for the pregnant ladies who have problem of hypertension since it lowers the blood pressure.


banana since is totally rich in folic acid, it aids in proper development of spinal cord, nerves, brain of the fetus. It contain high amount of iron which reduces anemia, a major issue which create complication in pregnancy. It increase hemoglobin also in body and passage of tools get easier.


they are extremely good for health and contain carbohydrates, vitamin C, potassium, folate, fiber, and fluid, damaging of cells can protected if berries are consumed during pregnancy.


oranges are jam- packed with nutrients and one of the best source for vitamin c. it strengthen the immune system. Apart from that it keeps the baby healthy and fit.


 apple have very unique benefits during pregnancy. According to the researchers, the women who consume apple during pregnancy, their child have less risk of getting asthma.  If a pregnant lady will eat apple on regular basis, she can protect her baby from developing asthma in future.


litchi helps in proper growth of tendons, bones, cartilage of baby inside womb and provide healthy skin to baby. It also energizes women and helps in avoiding weakness, tiredness etc.

The above fruits are highly recommended to eat during pregnancy to avoid the risk and health issues for both mother and baby. If above suggested fruits are included in mom’s diet during pregnancy period, for sure your baby will born healthy and fit.