Do you know that warm feeling when you see an old couple on the street still holding hands and taking care of each other? Probably the first thing that comes to your mind is that you want to have that in your life when you will be their age. Of course this is the ultimate relationship goal of every couple, but to get there you must learn how to treat your partner the right way.

Every person is different and every relationship is divergent, so you can’t say that there are strict rules to have a successful and fulfilling connection with your partner.  But, you can always learn new ways to be polite and respectful towards your significant other from the successful examples around you. You can simply analyze your grandparents for one day and I am sure you will learn at least three simple lessons to have a lifelong successful relationship with your chosen one.

Here I will present you few lessons I learned from my grandparents, that I will remember forever. The stories from our elders are a true inspiration for life. Their experience is golden, so we should always hear them out and learn some valuable lectures about life.

  1. Don’t avoid heavy talks

One thing has to be clear to everyone. If you can’t open yourself up to your partner about the heavy stuff in life, you probably are not in a healthy relationship. This must come naturally and easy for both partners. Open your soul, release your deepest feelings, cry and yell, whatever works for you, but never avoid talking about problems and ignoring the elephant in the room. If you keep doing that, eventually the house of cards will collapse and the magic will be gone.

Resolving your problems together with your partner, even if they are about stressful work tasks or about some issues with other family members, will bond you like never. You will feel supported and safe.

Don’t wait for things to get difficult, show initiative and start talking when something is bothering you. Just remember, choose the right time and place and don’t put your partner in a difficult situation if he or she is not prepared for that kind of talk. Be patient and understand their needs as well.

  1. Fall in love over and over again

Yes you read it right. It is a true statement that if you got in your partner’s heart once, you will probably have a place there forever, but this doesn’t mean that you can rest for the rest of your life and that your job there is done. Always find new ways to make your partner’s eyes to sparkle again.

Every relationship has their ups and downs, but never lose hope and always try your best. Show your love towards your partner with small gestures every day. Make your partner remember why he/she fall in love with you in the first place.

From time to time do something crazy and inappropriate, just to show that your relationship can still be fun and thrilling like it once was.

  1. Do stuff together

Include your partner in your daily activities. Even if they are simple like taking a walk in the park on sunny day, watching a movie or cooking a meal, this kind of stuff can be really fun if you do them in a team.

You can even propose to do a little DIY project, start a new diet or exercise together. Even better find a new hobby that will satisfy both of you. This will show your partner that you are willing to create a stronger bond and share your passion towards something with them.

  1. Fight fairly

There are difficult times in every relationship. If you never fight than you are probably ignoring your problems and that is not healthy for any of you. Fighting with your partner comes naturally when you want to achieve higher goals and change the bad habits that are holding you down.

But even in this difficult times, remember that you shouldn’t lose your temper and your head, just because your ego is bigger than the problem. Don’t forget everything that is good in your life just because one or two things went wrong. Try to fix the problem by showing respect towards your partner and by focusing on the real problem. Don’t cause new problems by being rude, intolerant and aggressive towards the ones you love, because that way you will create doubts about yourself in their minds.

  1. Stay physically connected

Love comes from the heart, but the sexual tension caused by the mutual attraction makes it stronger and adventurous. Maybe this will be harder when you are both older, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop caring about your physical needs. Touch your partner with care and passion and don’t forget to kiss and hug every day. The perfect mix of emotions and physical attraction will make your relationship alive. Never lose that!

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